Best Heroes of Empires and Puzzles With Rankings

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The best heroes of Empires and Puzzles are those that are ranking as game-changers. Basically, if a hero is going to be ranked in the Top 10 or even as making an honorable mention, it needs to make a huge impact when it fires its special skill. To be a "game-changer", the special skill must have a devastating effect if it is used properly. For some heroes, like Skadi, the special skill is somewhat situational. That means it requires skill to time and use properly. But if used well, the special skill changes the game, or wins it.

Current Update:  July 2021: I have not updated the list for July 2021 yet, but here are the recent game trends: powerful new heroes are slated to come out in the Fall, so expect a big shake-up on the list at that time. Two likely new additions to the list are Morel, who came out in June, and Onyx who seems to be pushing Killhare off many defenses and attack teams.  Sif may move up a bit, as she has become the dominant tank in the reverse formation defense, and increasingly powerful in attacking defenses that now have become heavy with AoE defenders. 

What do you think? Any other heroes to consider for the next top 10 ranking?

Top 10 Heroes of 2021 Video - With Grades

Here's the January video of the top 10 ranking, with grades. An updated video is in production at the moment.

Best Hero Evaluation Considerations

This is our ranking guide of the best heroes in the game, with Top 10 and honorable mentions, including reviews of the top 10 heroes, with tips on their use in-game.  

Why is it important to know who the best heroes are? Leveling up a hero can use a huge amount of food, and unfarmable ascension items. So, both for new players and experienced players of the game, I hope this list of the Top 10 heroes in Empires & Puzzles helps in making decisions on which heroes should be upgraded, and which you might want to focus on first.  

The Fear Factor: The Special Skill Must Be Devastating to Make This List

The first and most important criterion for ranking the best heroes in the game is the fear factor.  The answer to this question must be "yes": Is there a reason to fear facing this hero, whether on offense or defense?  

If you want to compete in the diamond or the platinum tier of Empires & Puzzles, that is what you want. Getting an all-round hero simply will not make the cut to be a top hero in the game. In other words, there must be a reason to fear this hero in a raid, or, it must have a huge impact on offense or in Titan hits. 

Why Does This List Rate Some Heroes Higher Than Other Rankings?

Simply put, in compiling this list I wanted to rank heroes on how they really are used in the game by players who want to advance in the game. After all, this is an advanced guide for Empires & Puzzles. A hero who is ok on both attack and defense, but is devastating on neither might get on other top lists.  However, this list ranks those heroes who are devastating in something. The top heroes often are devastating in more than one aspect of the game as well.

Will I Change This Ranking?

I will consider changes to this ranking of the best heroes in Empires & Puzzles. However, you need to be persuasive! If you think I omitted someone, or that the order of the list should be changed, let me know in the comments. In making an argument, you need to be convincing that the hero's special is devastating. In other words, if it fires, it is game over, or close to that.

What is a Devastating Special Skill for the Best Heroes in The Game?

Here are a couple examples of devastating special skills:
  • Finley - the "come from behind" hero.  His special usually kills one or two enemies, and leaves the others crippled
    • Deals 385% damage to the target + then hits every other enemy, plus one more.  
    • All hit targets get -34% defense for 3 turns 
  • Alfrike - if she fires her special, the enemy team is crippled, and likely never can recover.
    • Casts 5 Dark Cubes to random enemies and each cube 
    • Deals 200% damage to the target.
    • Dark Cube reduces max health from the target by 224.
    • The target automatically casts Mindless Attack on a random ally when mana is full during 3 turns.

    Top 10 Best Heroes of Empires and Puzzles

    With that intro, and following the criteria set out above, here is the ranking of the best heroes of Empires & Puzzles in reverse order. After the top 10 listing, I have included some Honorable Mentions.  I'll be interested in hearing any comments on moving some of those into the top 10 or vice versa. 

     #10 - Krampus (new)

    A "taunt" hero. Like Black Knight, but without the "Just a Flesh Wound" chance to drop damage to just 1. Still he provides very high defense and health stats, and a powerful defense up buff, making him increasingly powerful in the game, especially when used in the new defense formations. It is the introduction of defense formations into the game that finally pushed Krampus ahead of the pack, and into the top ranks of the game. For more details, see the full Krampus Review.

    #9 - Costume Kadilen (new)

    Costume Kadilen has fast mana speed, and imparts a moderate amount of damage. But, most important is the 45% chance to dodge special skills for the entire team. In effect, this is a 45% reduction in damage inflicted from each special hit. It also has a great synergy with ninja heroes, stacking witht he family bonus, which also is a dodge. Paired with them on defense, Kadilen can become very frustrating to deal with in raids. She also spawns strong minions with each dodge, which is in effect a 220+ HP buff. All of this makes Kadilen costume effective on defense at flank, or even tank.

    #8 - Sif (new)

    Sif has become a dominant defensive hero, now that raid formations were permanently added to Empires & Puzzles in 2021. Sif always was a very good offensive and defensive hero, but the new double and reverse double raid formations have made Sif perhaps the best raid defensive hero in the game.  Positioning Sif in the middle slot in those formations means her special skill applies to all 5 heroes on the defense team, not just 3 heroes as in the past. In effect, Sif suddenly became over 40% stronger on defense. Sif also excels on attack, especially against AoE defenders. Such heroes will die or be significantly damaged if they fire when Sif's reflect special skill has been activated. This makes Sif strong on attacking defenses including such popular defenders as Odin, Frigg and Killhare. Because of Sif's effectiveness in this 2021 game meta, we are considering raising Sif up higher in the list. What do you think?

    #7 - Bera (new)

    Bera has become one of the most desired tanks in the game. She's often viewed as exchangeable with Freya, who is the other powerful Valhalla minion dealer. What has made Bera particularly desirable as a tank is: fast mana speed, combined with beefy damage-dealing minions, and combined with the Vanaheim realm bonus. The latter reduces the mana of each of the heroes on the enemy team by 5% when Bera dies. This makes Bera (and Freya) surprisingly powerful as a tank, because often the tank is killed first in an attack, right when the opposing heroes are themselves about to fire their specials. Killing Bera means their specials get delayed.  For more details, see the full Bera review.

    #6 - Killhare (down 1)

    Killhare is a Springvale event hero. Her attack-on-everyone damage is the highest in Empires & Puzzles, making her devastating on both attack and defense. She is so powerful that to counterbalance her power, she also imparts a small defense down (-20%) ailment on her own team. At first that seemed to be a major drawback and I did not rank her because of it. However, in practice, that turns out not to be very much, and it does not matter because once Killhare fires her special skill, it is game over, or almost that. She also has a powerful synergy with other dark / purple heroes, making her even more powerful in a purple stack. For example, if paired with costume Rigard (attack up) and Tiburtus (opposing team defense down), combined, they can destroy an opposing defense in raids by firing together. In addition, if paired with Jean-Francois, the defense down ailment that Killhare hits her own team with is converted to a powerful defense up buff. I may move this hero higher in the next iteration of the top 10 list. What do you think?

    #5 - Cobalt (up 1)

    Cobalt has risen to be considered the best of the Ninja portal heroes, at least for now. You can read my full Cobalt review too.  He has a particularly good synergy with either of Onyx or Garnet on defense, taking advantage of the powerful dodge in the Ninja family bonus. With an extremely high base attack stat, Cobalt's special skill hits with a devastating amount of damage. With a charge attack, Cobalt can hit early in a raid or defense on the first charge. The second and third charge hit with devastating effect on 3 or 5 heroes. On top of that, his special skill can bypass defensive buffs, making him a must-kill defender if you are attacking a team with Cobalt on defense. He rapidly is becoming considered the top wing in the game, and future updates of this list may have Cobalt rising even higher.

    #4 - Garnet (up 6)

    Since being introduced in the Ninja hero portal, Garnet has become one of the best attack heroes in Empires & Puzzles. She also is strong on defense, serving well as an alternative to Black Knight as a tank. If you have one or two other ninja heroes, a lot of players even prefer Garnet over Black Knight as tank due to the ninja family bonus. On attack, the flexibility and speed of the charge attack is particularly useful, since she can block ailments from enemy heroes. Almost always, she can fire before the enemy, effectively blocking any ailment they may cast. On defense, Garnet also is particularly powerful when combined with other Ninja heroes, like Cobalt, in order to take advantage of their family bonus. You can read my full Garnet review too. 

    #3 - Finley (down 2)

    Finley is the greatest come-from-behind hero in the game - both for defense and attack.  See more details in my full Finley review.  He even is great against titans because of his sought after defense-down ailment.  Finley is fast mana and brings a formidable, and devastating special skill.  Even if your team is losing an attack (or defense), when Finley fires his special, the whole raid can turn around.  His special combines high damage with a defense ailment, both of which kill one or more enemies, and leave the remaining enemies crippled:
      • Deals 385% damage to the target and then hits every other enemy that has any buff, plus one more.  
      • Leaves a -34% defense status ailment for 3 turns.
    A lot of top players put Finley on wing on their defense teams.  That is the best position for Finley, as he sits there waiting for the opponent to cast their special effects and status buffs.  Then when Finley fires, those heroes are crippled or killed.  Although a rainbow defense is often used, 

    #2 - Black Knight (up 2)

    Black Knight was a close call in the original top 10 heroes list, and almost made the list.  Now with more game play and a changing game meta, he has moved up onto the list, premiering at rank number 8 and moving up fast. He is one of the best tanks, and is devastating in rush tournaments. On top of that, his attack buff wrecks havoc with any raid attacker. In the current meta, Black Knight has become the most sought-after tank in the game, flanked by Frigg and Odin, or by other fast AoE heroes like Kadilen Costume. You can compare the stats of this powerful meta here: Compare Frigg, Black Knight, Odin.

    #1 - Frigg  (up 1)

    New for April 2021 - Frigg has moved up to number 1, pushing Finley off his perch for the first time since I started making this ranking. Starting in December 2020, the new game meta made Frigg one of the most devastating heroes in the game, and the top defense team flank in the game. At fast speed, her special skill inflicts a powerful combination of damage and a defense down ailment on the entire opposing team. The game meta changed with the introduction of her partner Odin, making a new very powerful defense if you have Frigg and Odin on flanks and Black Knight as tank. That synergy and Frigg's raw power has made her entry into the top ranks possible. Is Frigg overrated now, or do you think she deserves this position?

    Top 10 Best Heroes of Empires & Puzzles Summary

    1. Frigg
    2. Black Knight
    3. Finley
    4. Garnet
    5. Cobalt
    6. Killhare
    7. Bera
    8. Sif
    9. Costume Kadilen
    10. Krampus

    Best Heroes - Close Calls

    The top 10 best heroes in Empires & Puzzles are all great, and devastating, but there also are a lot of other great heroes that also have strong, if not devastating, power.  These are the heroes that were all close calls for making the top 10 ranking. Any of them could break into the top 10 in the future depending upon how the game meta evolves at any given time.
    Odin: Fast attack Valhalla hero, with devastating special skill featuring powerful damage based on the number of yellow tiles on the board combined with a mana speed buff. May make the top 10 in the next ranking update. 

    Guardian Gazelle: Enhanced damage.

    Phileas Fogg: A fast attack sniper, that also cleanses buffs before he hits, and also imparts a green elemental defense down ailment. This makes Phileas Fogg great for titans in addition to raids or defense.

    Prof. Lidenbrock: From Underwild, a self-refreshing health buffer.

    Toxicandra - From League of Villians, giving Ariel competition for the title of best healer.

    Ariel:  Best all-around healer, and also gives entire team a mana bonus.

    Gravemaker: Very fast mana, good DoT.  Many consider one of the best of the game.  Did not make list because of low base stats and low damage.  

    Lord Loki: Powerful special skill that copies the skill of the target.

    Freya: Deals beefy minions, with great synergies with any other minion dealers.

    Ninja Heroes: The five 5* ninjas all feature the Charge attack. In order of grading:
    • Garnet
    • Cobalt
    • Mica
    • Onyx
    • Jade


    Jabberwock is a Riddles of Wonderland event hero.  Because of that, it is extremely rare.  But for the lucky few who pulled Jabberwock, this is one of the few heroes rated A+ on both attack and defense.  If Jabberwock is on a defense, no wing is safe.  Jabberwock has fast mana, and its special inflicts a devastating damage on the opposing team, which is very hard to recover from:
    • 300% damage to the enemies on the edges, and 600% if only one enemy left.
    • 234 poison DoT over 3 turns.  Usually for top players, that comes to about 110+ HP per turn with a 23+ mana troop.
    Jabberwock also is good to bring against titans, with a decent base attack stat, and 600% damage for its special.


    Elizabeth first appeared in Season 4 - Voyagers of the Underwild. You can read all the details in the full Elizabeth review. She made a brief appearance on the Top 10, but as players figured out how to play with and against her she did not appear so dominant as initially believed. Still, she is among the best in the game, and introduced a new element to the game - fiends. These fiends act like parasites, sucking up the healing of the heroes they infect, and also slowing down their mana charge, and hitting with some damage. All this has made Elizabeth dominant in raids that last a while. An excellent attack and defense hero, she may actually move up higher on this list. She is so new that she's still being evaluated by me, and everyone else. What do you think? Should we move Elizabeth even higher?

    Ursena - Ursena was the last of the Atlantis (Season 2) heroes introduced - at the end of the Atlantis roll-out.  She is a good tank, and many would argue she is one of the best tanks in the game. She certainly was the most used tank, until Telluria was introduced as the March 2020 HOTM.  Why is Ursena so dominating at tank? She combines a high AoE damage with a yellow/holy reflect. So what happens is when she fires her special, she inflicts 260% damage on the entire opposing team, almost crippling it and making it vulnerable to her team's normal attack and special skills. On top of the direct damage, she gives her entire team the ability to reflect 115% of direct damage and reflect back all status effects yellow heroes.  That basically negates the heroes that are strongest against her purple/Dark color. Even worse, her direct damage is stronger against yellow heroes.

    #9 - Skadi (down 2) - Skadi is a Valhalla hero. You can go to my full review of Skadi as well. Her special skill includes a potentially huge Attack on Everyone (AoE) direct damage, starting at 220% and increasing at 50% for each dead enemy. Even worse for her opponents, she brings a massive undispellable stacking damage, including both Damage Over Time (DoT), and direct damage. It is very hard to recover once Skadi has fired her special skill if it is used properly.  At average mana speed, it is highly likely she will be able to do that at least once in a raid or war. Her special skill is somewhat situational, because Skadi is best used against minion-heavy teams, and it is best to fire her special once the minions spawn. Then, once you fire her special skill, some or all the minions are killed and her huge stack gets built.

    Telluria - After the October 2020 nerf, I moved Telluira down and now off the top list. Do you think she should be lower, or higher? Telluria formerly was the most used tank in Empires & Puzzles. This hero was so dominant when combined with Vela, that Small Giant took the rare step of downgrading Telluria in a "rebalance" of the game in May 2020. Then Telluria was downgraded even further in October 2020.  Even after all the rebalancing, Telluria remained the most widely used tank, and there is good reason for that. You can read more about it in my full review of Telluria. But the short answer is:  Telluria has extremely high defense and HP stats, making it an excellent meat shield. In addition to that, Telluria spawns minions on to all allies, adding a further meat shield for the entire team of around 140 HP per minion.  Telluria also does a 2-turn heal of all allies of about 270 HP, making the total HP increase for each ally around 400 HP.  Telluria also casts a mana control ailment on the opposing team, putting a 2-turn drag on their own mana.


    Miki recently fell out of the top 10, as some new fast and Ninja heroes pushed there way on to the list. He still is great though. Miki is a titan specialist, first introduced into the game as the Hero of the Month of August 2019.  Unlike other titan specialists like Ranvir or Wu Kong, he does not hit his own team with an accuracy status ailment. If  Miki fires his special skill, all allies get +130% normal attack (tile damage) - no questions asked. There is no accuracy ailment.  So every time Miki's special is active, the entire team gets that enhanced attack, as long as the enemy has a higher HP.  This means that for titans, there essentially always will be increased damage. Likewise against big bosses in the final stages of tournaments. Miki also silences the enemies' or titan's special skill for 3 turns. That also can be a huge advantage in tournaments.


    Alfrike was the third of the Valhalla heroes to make the initial top 10 listing. She would be ranked even higher if she did not have very slow mana. Even then, if Alfrike fires her special skill it usually is game over. The other side either is killed completely or so severely crippled that it can never recover.  I might eventually raise Alfrike back on to the Top 10 list depending on how the game meta evolves.  Her special is devastating and has three components.
    1. 5 Dark cubes are fired at enemies and they deal a stackable 200% damage on any hero they hit. So, if 2 cubes hit, it is 400% damage.  If it is 3 cubes, 600% damage.
    2. Each cube also reduces the maximum health of the target by 224 HP.  The max health can be reduced down to 30% of the original. This ailment is non-dispellable.  So, basically the hero cannot recover.
    3. Once the target's mana fills during 3 turns, it automatically loses all that mana and casts a normal attack, called Mindless Attack on a random ally.


    One of the powerful Ninja damage dealers, Onyz inflicts a lot of damage and also dispels any buffs on the heroes he attacks. Like Cobalt, Onyx has increasingly been adopted as a wing on defense and powerful attacker in raids. With a high base attack stat, Onyx also is desirable for titan hits. Paired with one or two other ninja heroes, Onyx also gets a great dodge skill that helps him stay alive longer. 

    Best Heroes - Honorable Mentions 

    There are a lot of other great heroes in Empires & Puzzles, but which I felt could not make the top 10 ranking. Each of these honorable mentions shines in various circumstances, however, I felt none of these could make the top ranks, but each still are worth mentioning.

    Guardian Kong: Completely underrated. Received major buff in May 2020, so be careful about incorrect information floating around based on his old special skill.  With the buff G.K. now is devastating on attack and defense.

    Garjammal: A fast sniper from Underwild. 

    Kunchen: Great healer, defense down ailment.  One of the best tanks in the game. 

    Hel: Best mana controller, and good damage.

    Mater Lepus: Pile of hurt like no other.  Paired with Killhare, power magnified by Springvale buffs.

    Drake Fong: Fast mana, blinds 3, moderate damage.

    Dr. Moreau:  Like a purple Drake Fong, from Season 4, Underwild.

    White Rabbit: Powerful fast yellow, with defense down on 1 enemy and damage 3.

    Snow White: In right situation, cripples opponent.

    Guinevere: One of the best tanks in the game.  

    Kingston:  Great fast sniper.  Formerly in widespread use for defense, but pushed off defense teams by Telluria.  Still great on offense and defense.

    Gefjon: fast red sniper introduced in October 2020.

    All the other fast snipers:  They all have their merits, and the fast mana makes them all good.  I think Finley and Costume Magni are the best of them, as discussed in the ranking at the top of this post, and, Kingston probably is the third best, because of his attack down ailment, but they all have some merit on their own. The other top-tier fast snipers include:
    • Alasie
    • Alice
    • Dark Lord
    • Joon (and costume)
    • Kageburado
    • Master Lepus
    • Lianna (and costume)
    • Sartana (and costume)
    • Magni (and costume)
    • Marjana (and costume)
    • Seshat
    Heimdall:  Great tank.  If not for slow mana speed, would have included in top 10 list.

    Onatel:  Mana control.

    Delilah: Best minion hero, and healer.

    Lady Loki - Formerly on the Top 10 list, but with the introduction of some new heroes, and the changing game meta, she has fallen out of the top 10. Nevertheless, Lady Loki remains one of the top heroes in the game. You can also read the full review of Lady Loki. This hero's devastating special skill deals AoE damage up to 278%.  Even though that is a decent damage, the major reason she made this list of the best heroes of Empires & Puzzles is her devastating ailment cleanse. Not only does she remove status ailments from her entire team, but she also randomly casts them back on the opposing team, before casting her damage. This makes Lady Loki highly effective against heroes like Gravemaker, Vela and Telluria, who have been dominating the defense meta of the game since their introductions. Each one of those heroes hits with only a light direct damage. However, each is most devastating because of their accompanying status effects. For Vela and Gravemaker, that is damage over time. And, for Telluria, mana generation. Lady Loki casts those back, earning her a spot on this list.

    Vela - After her repeated "rebalances," Vela has lost her spot in the top 10 heroes. However, she very good, so I have included her still as an honorable mention. You can read all the details in my full review of Vela. The short story is that Vela has fast mana, 130% AoE direct damage, appx. 70-100 HP per turn DoT over 3 turns, extra damage on red/fire heroes, a -24% special skill damage ailment on red heroes  on all heroes and a +10% critical attack buff for all allies.  Standing alone that stat package is formidable.  Combined with Telluria or any good tank on defense, it can be very difficult to beat. Even though Vela was nerfed down in the May 2020, August 2020 and October 2020 rebalances, she remains impressive on defense. This makes Vela still one of the best defense heroes in the game. 

    Compare the stats for the popular Vela-Telluria plus Gravemaker or Jean-Francios at all heroes: Vela - Telluria - Gravemaker and Jean-Francois - Telluria - Gravemaker compared.
    Costume Magni - Costumes were introduced to refurbish the outdated Season 1 heroes. Not only does Magni have a costume now, but his costume fixes all the deficiencies of the basic Magni, and makes him one of the best in the game. Read the full review of Magni, which explains in more detail why costume Magni is so good. Basically is the combination of fast mana + defense down ailment on 3 enemies. Also, the costume version of Magni no longer is so squishy that he gets easily killed, whether on defense or raid attacks. The costume fixes that by pushing his base defense stat into respectable territory. UPDATE: I have found that in actual gameplay, Magni is still a great and powerful sniper, but not making it into the top 10. 



    Anonymous said…
    I’d easily put Gravemaker in there over Lady Loki or BK even over her
    Telly said…
    I'm keeping an eye on Lady Loki also since she's so new. I didn't pull her yet, but some in my alliance did. Reports are outstanding against the GTV defense meta so far.
    Unknown said…
    What do you think about Krampus on tank and BK on flank, together with ursena?
    Telly said…
    I think using two taunt heroes on defense can work well. The only down side is that if their special skills are activated at the same time, the opposing team can hit both of them with their special skills. On attack, you can stagger the firing of their specials so only one is active at a time. You also asked about Ursena. Yes, she's a great flank and can work well with a taunt hero like Krampus or Black Knight.
    Anonymous said…
    You have to check out tyr, he never dies and is always the last hero standing on my team, sometimes clinging on for the win! His health regeneration and revival make him a great asset, not to mention he has a 60% chance to bypass and enemy status aliments, and should be at least an honourable hero!
    Telly said…
    About Tyr, I have him fully levelled, and a lot of people love him. It is nice he can revive and heal himself, and fun to use. But his punch is so weak that you really have to get lucky with tiles to keep filling him up if he's all that's left standing. All in all, he's fun, and useful, but I feel he's just too weak overall to rate as one of the best in the game.
    Anonymous said…
    What about Alby or Mother North? The resurrecters are true game changer IMO. How come that you didn't mention any of them?
    Telly said…
    Interesting question about MN and Alberich. Slow heroes are inherently weak, especially on defense where they typically make little or no impact. They can be frustrating to face if they manage to fire, but typically that is not frequent. Attack is a different question, where their specials can be timed. Because of that, I'm reconsidering Mother North for an honorable mention.
    TLK914 said…
    Have you hada chance yet to measure post-nerf Frigg? Is she still in the top 10? (Telluria was after her 1st nerf! Hard to remember original Telluria now...but needed a 2nd nerf, and STILL is the most used tank in the game...just less than before. Man she was overpowered...)

    Im still dragging out leveling Frigg, so never really got to test before, and now will only test the nerfed version...but probably a couple of weeks away yet. Hope its not too much lost...otherwise Ill wish Id saved the tonics.
    Apollo's Empire said…
    Telly! Your wisdom has exceeded my expectations yet again! I love checking in here for the grease of the game! I can find the meat and potatoes anywhere, but you out that extra bit of sizzle into this whole thing that I'm going to be a regular visitor from now on. Now, with that said, (uh oh here it comes lol) please show skadi even more love! Ik ik she's in the top 10 but barely! As long as we're talking devestation fear and game changing heroes here, how can skadi NOT be in the top 5? Every time I turn around, there's a new hero with a minion on them.. Skadi literally eats minions for every meal of the day, and she cripples Mana production I'd be happy to top 3 her IFF her stack was unlimited. I'm begging you to keep her in the top 10. I noticed a drop of 2 spots and I'm getting nervous about her being in the dishonorable mention soon!
    Love what you're doing and I've been beating Telly's Game into the brains of my alliance mates so expect more company coming your way!
    Apollo's Empire said…
    Btw, I have a question that I think you could help me with. I'm looking for a way to compare heroes specifically for Raid tournaments. I know there's a grading sheet that basically shows the grades of the heroes for each of the 3 RT rules. I'm looking for something a little different. I love the hero comparison tool here, and I'm curious if there were a way to combine the grades with the position in the Defense formations, and then be able to compare 2 or more heroes for a specific situation. An Example might help because I don't feel like I'm doing a good job explaining what I'm looking for. Raid tournament rule is rush attack, and all colors are allowed. I robotically go to a grading sheet that I've seen out there and I see that Colen gets an A+ for rush tournaments, yet his Defense grade is pretty crummy with his regular grading at tank. Now I have a choice between colen A+ rush and say buddy (A+ rush grade as well) and a much better regular matrix Tank grade on Defense at tank. That sheet leads me to believe that buddy is the clear Choice between the 2 at tank. But that is misleading and confusing ( as confusing as this current post )... Is there a way to compare apples to apples when it comes to rts, and Defensive position? -Phew lol I hope I made a little bit of sense there... Ty 4 the opportunity to ask.
    Telly said…
    @Apollo's Empire: Regarding Skadi, I love Skadi also. I've only moved her down a bit (still at #9) because of the influx of new and powerful heroes. It is those new heroes that are shaking up the rankings, like the Ninjas, Frigg, Odin, and increasing respect for Killhare.

    I think your points about grading complexities are well-founded. I think the grading sheet you're mentioning is the one Anchor maintains. It's pretty good, even if I don't necessarily agree with all of his grades. Unfortunately the specific type of comparisons you are looking for are not available, and would be pretty complex to program, if I'm understanding you correctly. I think the best thing to do is to look at the gradings you see as decent approximations from experienced players and then use your own analysis of the specific use and circumstance you are thinking of using the hero as an overlay.
    Unknown said…
    Ariel or Toxicandra as best healer? I have both. It's a tough call.
    Grayble said…
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    Grayble said…
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Grayble said…
    Solid list, but where is Krampus? Comparable to Black Knight. Better stats, better class talent, cannot dispel his defense buff. Black Knight’s attack up scales more than Krampus’ 50% and the Just a Flesh Wound is better than the defense buff but it only fires 50% of the time. Plus all of Black Knight’s buffs can be dispelled. Krampus should be an honorable mention at the very least. I would argue Skadi should be an honorable mention, as she is a situational hero (punishes minion makers), and Krampus should have her spot in the top 10.
    Anonymous said…
    You need to seriously consider Bera and Freya as top heroes.
    Telly said…
    @Unknown: Certainly there is an argument that Toxicandra is moving up to the top rank of healers in the game.
    Telly said…
    @Grayble. I agree that Krampus is great. He is coming to the list, but exactly where is yet to be determined. He particularly shines in the new raid formations (double and reverse double). If they become permanent (right now just temporary), that would become a factor in his placement or movement up on the list.
    Telly said…
    @Anonymous: As for Bera and Freya, I will be revisiting my review of Bera for sure, as she's proven to be a capable tank. I'm waiting to see how widely Uraeus is adopted and whether Bera becomes less valuable in that position due to the potentially wide availability of Uraeus.
    Otto said…
    I enjoy your site and the explanations of why you like particular heroes. Is there an archive of previous list of best heroes? It would be nice to look at some of our original heroes, particularly o es that still have A ratings.
    Telly said…
    @Otto, Yes. For heroes I've moved a hero down out of the top 10, you can find them down in the "Honorable Mentions" or the "Close Calls". I have kept the full write up for those heroes. For example, Alfrike was in the top 10 but has been moved to the "Close Calls" section now. If you scroll down you will find her there, along with the full write-up I'd done for her when she was in the top 10.

    As for past top 10 lists, I have not archived them as yet. However, now that I'm making videos of the top 10, the video listings will be archived on the Youtube Channel. So, when I make a new video for the next list, the both the new one and the old one will be up on YouTube. I expect to make a new one sometime in March or April.
    Kambala said…
    @Telly It might be worthwhile making situational top ten lists, like Top 10 Heroes in Rush Tournaments, or Top 10 for War (maybe even seperated by War Rule sets). That way there's room for some of these great heroes who nevertheless don't make the top 10 overall.
    Telly said…
    @Kambala, that's an interesting idea. Would you like to draft it? You can e-mail to me or use the comment form to send it.
    Kambala said…
    @Telly Sure, I'll need your email.
    Telly said…
    I thought we e-mailed before. I'll re-send to you.
    Kambala said…
    Yeah, I sent a message hoping for an email, but never got one. I'll resubmit my address. Maybe I misspelled something.
    Hawk said…
    I am missing following mentions: athena and onatell
    It’s clear you don’t have mother north - when people cuss in the clan chat during the war, it’s because of her.
    And you are completely right about finley, number 1 with no doubt - love him to the death. Since I have him
    fully leveled in my war defense team, I have noticed I got attacked way less (people are really scared lol).

    Awesome site Telly, keep up the good work!
    Mad1802 said…
    I can upgrade to 80 one more red hero ! I already maxed Marjana and Azlar costume!
    Who would u ascend between Santa Claus, Lady Loki, Reuben, Asterius and Natalya?
    I can t decide ...
    Telly said…
    @Mad1802: In order to fully opine, I'd need to know who else you have and what emblems you have. But, my initial thoughts are: Lady Loki's time has passed, now that the Vella-Telly defense is not widely used. Reuben is terrible. That leaves Santa, Asterius and Natalya. All three are great in their own way. Generally speaking among those would be Asterius, mostly because he's the most modern of them. For my player, I'd pick Santa just because I don't have him yet, and he has some nice synergy with the other Christmas heroes, and I like his defense down ailment, but he's slow.
    Mad1802 said…
    Thank u for getting back to me !
    Red 5 stars I have fully ascended - Azlar costume with emblems to level 19 and Marjanana with emblems to level 11...
    In rest I have 4 stars fully ascended like - Boldtusk with emblems to level 20, Gormek , Wilbur and Shadereve !
    I have these 5 stars acended to level 70: Khagan, Asterius, Santa, Natalya and Lady Loki !
    And not ascended yet I have Reuben, Mitsuko, Noor and 4 more Azlar costume :))
    What do u think ? U will still ascend Asterius ?
    Telly said…
    4 Alars....Sounds like SG really wants you to LOVE Azlar! Yes, I'd pick Asterius out of those, or Mitsuko.
    Mad1802 said…
    Thank you ! I will...
    Loki is the top hero of this game with absolutely no doubt.
    2 reason:
    1) A player with Loki don't cares about % of taking HOTM or special hero, with Loki you can have all the hero of this game (if you fight against an enemy that have those heroes).
    2) His Skill it's medium mana charge... OMG, so it's like to have Alfrike medium (or mother north, or other slow or extra slow hero). And with a mana blue troop at 17... You can Have ALL THIS FAST...
    Need other reason?
    You can have all the fun in the game because with 1 hero you can test how work in Your team all the heroes of the game on Your side.
    You can stop to spend money for stupid try on taking HOTM or other hero.
    One hero to rule them all.
    (ah, I don't have Loki...)
    Another hero that deserve a place in the top 10 list is Evelyn.
    Very very underrated... and i don't understand why.
    I use Evelyn with kadilen (original) and Lianna.
    It's a devastating combo that need only 9 green to start, and if start 2-3 hero dies and a powerful boost is applied at your team.
    It's fast hero that put enemy elemental green shield -54%, so Lianna can easily deal 1200 dmg... (not 800).
    He have a strategical dispel on enemies, and that is very powerful.
    No hero in this game are fast and debuff elemental shield.
    Purple don't have, Red have a 4* hero, Yellow also 4*, on blue Frida is medium mana charge, but something miss to Frida, the 4% bonus lifepoint.
    With this OT bonus it's possible to counter DOTM with 60-80 LifePoint.
    A lot of top players use Kadilen C instead Evelyn, but something is wrong here...
    Can imagine a combo Evelyn-Frigg ?
    Is game over in 2 moves...
    With a not exagerate numer of green tiles, and other simply stuff like 1 attack boost and 1 shield debuffer i think is possible to kill INSTANTLY a complete maxed team (es. the combo bold -> magni C -> evelyn -> frigg).
    For raid defense: pos1 ?!?, pos2 bold, tank kunch, pos4 evelyn, pos5 frigg.
    Curiosity: My team is Mother, evelyn, ariel, kadilen, lianna. I stay on 2500-2700.
    I reached top 1 time ago, but recently with this 4green-1blue i was 4th with 3039 (17 consecutive win against very powerful team).
    So, trust me or try. If You have Evelyn, put on team with a killer green (kingston, gregorio, lianna, etc...), You don't regret this choice.
    Telly said…
    @andrea di gennaro: Thank you for your very thoughtful comments about Lord Loke and Evelyn. Regarding Lord Loki, I agree he's one of the top heroes in the game, and also is a huge amount of fun to play with. I consider him borderline for the Top 10 ranking, and he Almost made it. The main think that kept him off was his Average mana speed, but still he's great. I also like Evelyn a lot. She's getting old in the game and her base stats are kind of weak compared to the newer heroes coming out. She's great with titans. I added Phileas Fogg to the "Almost" list who's like a much higher stat and harder hitting version of Evelyn.
    Anonymous said…
    Couple things 1) my maxed Liz and Uraeus are permanently on my raid team. Liz and Skadi also work well together since she can weaken but not kill stronger minions. 2) I like seeing Telly as tank now. Bring Skadi along and keep triggering him to max out her stacks. If anything he might be too high.
    Cernicalo said…
    Still wonder why Bera is not in honorable mentions. She got used a lot, or is your past comment on Uraeus making her up reality from your experience?
    And I fully agree on Garnet, even not fully leveled her blocking feature is great in attacks and provides time to fill her up for two or three mana rounds. Together with a second healer in different color to overcome a bad board works out like a charme
    Hawk said…
    You reshuffled the previous top 10 without any explaination.FE Frigg went from 2 to 1. Finley wznt from 1 to 3.Jabberwock went from 3 to 8 etc Why? You just changed for the sake of changing?
    Anonymous said…
    still calling ariel the best healer in the game thats madness 4 real haha
    Telly said…
    @Cernicalo: You're too fast! I posted an update but still was not done. Bera is added now, and if she has longevity as the great tank, I would consider moving her up more.

    @Hawk: I think the game's meta has been changing. Last time I made the list, Frigg had moved up a lot, but not to #1. At that time a move up to #1 was premature and I wanted to see how she aged. Even after the little nerf, she's aged well, and is deserving of #1. As for Jabber, he's still great, but other heroes are eclipsing him in the new meta. Who would you place at #1?

    @Anonymous: Why madness?
    SuperSlosh said…
    Is Killhare better than Onyx because her special would come before his 3rd charge? I also am removing Mica's emblems to give to Odin, so should I focus on Killhare since Onyx won't be paired with Mica now? How would you split emblems between Killhare and Phileas Fogg? I think my defense team would be Phileas Fogg/Lianna-Odin-Krampus-Killhare/Onyx-Vanda/Marjana/Grazul. How would you arrange them?
    Hawk said…
    You have one of the best empires and puzzles fan websites in the community Telly, but just shuffling the top 10 without adding some info why they dropped several spots or have risen up doesn’t add to the credibility and makes it feel arbitrary.

    I own more than half of your top 10 and for example can’t figure out why finley suddenly dropped 2 places, jabberwocky went from 3 to 8 (ok you mentioned in the comments that it’s doing worse in the current meta), but some more avid explaination would be in order.

    Garnet and cobalt, while still strong and especially paired together are appearing less and less in the too tier defense teams. Bera seems to be the new tank of choice in town. Finley and frigg are without a doubt still the best.

    My top 3 would be 1. finley 2. frigg 3. bera

    ps All the heroes I mentioned, I have fully ascended

    Telly said…
    @SuperSlosh: the guaranteed hit all of Killhare is certainly one advantage over Onyx, although Onyx' speed, dispel, and dodge are his advantages. I think it is a matter of personal preference which one you use. Killhare shines best if you have a defense down hero to pair with. As for Killhare vs. Fogg, I would concentrate emblems on the hero you're putting in your defense team. If you are putting both of them there, try to pull emblems off other heroes who are not on your defense to emblem them up as much as you can. However, you may consider alternatives that do not have both on defense. As for the defenses you are considering, in an ideal world where emblems are not a consideration, I'd go Fogg-Grazul (or vanda) - Krampus - Killhare - Odin
    Telly said…
    @Hawk Thanks for the compliment. As for the revised ranking, the game meta has changed a lot over the past few months so the rankings needed to be updated. You can see some explanations for the positioning within the text, and a summary up top. Finley's still great, but the new guaranteed hit-all heroes have been one factor in why his ranking needed to be assessed down a bit relative to some newer heroes, since his attack is situational.
    GiveEmHel! said…
    A comprehensive and highly accurate guide to the best heroes in the game. It is a true joy having this site as a reference. Great work Telly!
    Telly said…
    @GiveEmHel! Thanks!
    Otto said…
    I love your site ! Nice reviews that are actually helpful in playing the game.
    I have a nice problem to have but would like some advice. I recently fully leveled Bera and Alfrike and now find myself short of dark ascension materials and would like advice on order of who to do next.
    Onyx at 3/70; Killhare at 2/60; Ursena at 3/70; Lepiota at 3/70. Killhare was gotten after I had moved the others to level 3 so I still need some traps.

    Thanks for any advice you can give
    SuperSlosh said…
    @Telly Thanks for reading my comment and giving me a detailed recommendation.
    LG said…
    No entiendo como hablas de tomar el criterio de habilidades devastadoras primer ejmplo alfriken segundo jaber finley es bueno pero tampoco tanto
    y no la pones en el rankis lo único que hiciste ver las clasificaciones de los top y pusiste una lista tiene tanta valides como los grados de anchor pd chequea la info de tu página necesita muchísima actualización urgente.

    No tienes forma de saber que héroes usan los jugadores en ataque solo en defensa y eso no significa nada, ya que en defensa y en ataque el héroe se comporta diferente debería cambian todo el post y poner top de jugadores que otros usan en defensa
    estas contribuyendo a toda la desinformación que existe en el juego y el por que muchos jugadores arruinan su cuenta
    Brian.Li33 said…
    Seshat all day, she shouldn't be grouped with the other snipers, and she's easily top 10. Her debuff never gets old
    Saxonic said…
    Got my Lepiota maxed and with Talent lvl 20. Must say that she is truly outstanding in Raids. Being able to neutralize the toughest opponents is extremely useful on attack.
    Telly said…
    @Otto: The ninja bonus is great, so if you have other Ninjas, I'd go with Onyx. Otherwise I'd go with Killhare. Both are great.
    Ralf said…
    Hi Telly,

    You are doing a great job ranking all heroes!
    What do you think about Sir Roostley? I am thinking about putting him in my def team together with killhare and garnet. But on it’s own I think he still has a good fear factor. Because he hits hard on all targets quite early game when all opponents’ heroes are still there.
    Telly said…
    @Ralf: I thing Sir Roostley is great and has a great family bonus with Killhare. On defense, he's best used as a tank, because you need him to fire early before one of the three middle opposing heroes is killed, because then he's at most hit-3 instead of hit-5.
    Otto said…
    I have been using Killhare with Garnet. When you fire off Garnet before Killhare, there is no negative defense when Killhare fires. Makes Killhare even better. It also works when Killhare is on the enemy team and you fire Lord Loki at her after firing Garnet.
    Telly said…
    @Otto: and Grazul too.
    Anonymous said…
    What is a better combination for defense team, Killhare & Odin, or Mica & Onyx?
    Telly said…
    It's tough to determine without knowing your other heroes. But, all 4 are great. Killhare + Odin can deal a lot of AoE damage. Mica + Onyx gain the advantage of the Ninja family bonus.
    Unknown said…
    Morel can be ranked in the top 10, ALL enemies get -34% defense for 3 turns. Defensively more practical than Finley. You can consider.
    Anonymous said…
    What formation do you use for Sif to allow her to effect all five heros? Is Reverse Double? Or is it just reverse? Or is it just Double. I read what was written on Sif in the 10 best heros and it's written like this. " The formations are now permanent in the game and Sif's formation to effect all five heros is Double Reverse Double. This is why I am asking. It say one of these formations giveS HER 60% more power in defence and attack. Thanks. If anyone knows please help. Also does the formation work in all phases of the game? Or in just raids?
    Telly said…
    @Anonymous: I don't think that typo is in there. Take another look. Double and Reverse double. But, yes, it's 40%, not 60%. Fixed.
    Anonymous said…
    Concerning Sif I wasn't saying you had a typo, I was just writing what it said. Maybe a comma after the first double. Does she she benefit all five for wars and raids and all the other things you can use her for? Or does she only benefit all your heroes when you use her for raid specifically?
    TLK914 said…
    I have long been more of an ONYX fan than most. While others rank Onyx as 3rd or 4th best ninja, I honestly run Onyx alongside Garnet and have very good success because of the buff blocking. While its well known that Garnet is an ailment stopper who negates Alfrike if you wait and fire her heal 1 turn ahead of Very Slow Alfrike, Onyx is more than just a cleanser. Hes a buff STOPPER for 3 turns. I use him and Malosi to block SIF defenses the vast majority of the time. If Malosi fires, enemies effect specials dont function, and if Onyx fires, 1, 3, or 5 enemies cant gain new buffs for 3 turns. Obviously useless AI strategizing makes this really unimportant on defense. But on offense, its crushing when the tiles let you get a level 2 charge on Onyx (Who is essentially a very fast speed hero) and also Garnet who is a very fast speed healer and ailment blocker.
    I find that pair more defensively useful that the more popular Cobalt and garnet pairing. Cobalt is a slightly better killer (Onyx and Cobalts numbers are actually near identical) so the only advantage is Cobalt cuts through defense when shooting. Onyx blocks enemy buffs for 3 additional turns after shooting...which I like better. But thats just me. You cant go wrong with either. But sincet he raw numbers and turn loading are nearly identical, always seemed off that Cobalt gets piles of Love and Onyx is mostly ignored?
    Anonymous said…
    Some heroes seem to be completely forgotten like the 3 Morlovia vampires which I maxed or Springvale like Killhare and Sir Roostley, pair them with Vanda or Grazul and they don't cast their ailments.
    Unknown said…
    I'm lucky enough to have Lady Locke and I think she's incredible. Especially once you can mana boost her to fire in 9 tiles and even more since the new raid formations. Hitting the centre in a double formation does 1138 damage to all over 4 turns, ignoring riposte and defence boost. Once activated I'll then put tiles into a sniper or anyone but a AoE, healer, cleanser or minion maker and in 4 turns the whole enemy team is dead or nearly dead. Her cleanse is amazing as well, I'll often charge her and then put tiles into Gravemaker, Vela, JF, Santa, etc.. so they fire and she then cleanses.
    Unknown said…
    Oh Telly! Huge mistake updating July's list before today. Salmon Loki is heading straight for the top. Who'd have thought a salmon could be so badass!?!
    Telly said…
    @Unknown: Agree with your sarcasm. Salmon Loki is an "F", a bad joke.
    Hawk said…
    Telly, you mentioned players found a way to counter elisabeth easily.

    Care to share how? many thanks
    Anonymous said…
    Do you think Jade ninja would perform well in the new raid defense meta if positioned in the center of the Double and Reverse double formations?
    Telly said…
    @Hawk: If you're attacking an Elizabeth defense, try bringing along extra healing. You'll need to keep your team alive and pick off the defense. I have found bringing minion spawners is not very effective.
    Telly said…
    @Anonymous: Jade is not used very much on defense, so I can't say I have a lot of personal experience against her. However, yes, like other heroes that can buff adjacent heroes, Jade can benefit from the double formations.
    Anonymous said…
    To add on Elizabeth, I have Garnet to assist with blocking her mana debuff if she is able to get her special out. It does not stop the fiends, but it stops the mana debuff from happening. She is still irritating to deal with, and I have one fully trained up for my next seasonal team.
    Anonymous said…
    When are you going to update these rankings. I look forward to this post, but it's been awhile now.
    Anonymous said…
    While it does look like Killhare is seeing a bit of a decline in use, I would not be surprised if there was a resurgence due to Captain Nemo's Special Skill, which inflicts 600% damage if afflicted with a status ailment. With the right team setup, those two together can inflict insane amounts of damage.
    Anonymous said…
    What about Emilio? Combined with Krampus and Alfrike he’s a nightmare. Come across that combo a couple of times in raids against a top 100 team.
    MichaelXXX said…
    I wanted to give my opinion on GraveMaker vs. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth seems to be a step up from GraveMaker. If you spend a bit of time looking closely at the two you will see why I m still hoping to get either of the two.
    Anonymous said…
    With the newest game update, I think Sif will get knocked off the top 10 since if I read it correctly, any adjacent skills that usually affect all heroes in a Double or Reverse Double formation will no longer do so.

    I imagine she will still be used as she has a good ability, but won't be the insane defense wall she once was.
    Anonymous said…
    With the new rule for formations in Ver 42.,M and W setups won't affect 5 but 3 as foreseen in the cards of all hit 3 heroes. Meaning SIF doesn't deserve a ranking top 10. But in my case, positionning Sif in the centre, 2 Alfrike as flanks, Xnolphod and Odin as wing, could be devastating, both Alfrike becoming average mana. What's your opinion? I'm on the verge to ascendant a 9th yellow hero. Options Faline Akkorog Devana Rana Roc Sif Uraeus BaiYeong Justice Leonidas Norns and second Vivica Joon and Lidenbrock.
    Anonymous said…
    Please note that my 8 maxed holy 5* are Lidenbrock Musashi Vivica Joon Roostley Odin Malosi and Poséidon. Also to mention outsanding 4* Griffin at 4-75.Worth some 5*.
    Anonymous said…
    How should my defense team look with Heimdall, Mother North, Odin, Mica, Joon, Magni, Master Lepus, Queen of Hearts, Freya, Costume Marjana and Bobo? They're all max ascended and most have some sort of emblems on them. I'm sort of new and have no idea what defense would look the best. I keep losing trophies.
    Anonymous said…
    Depends on what you are going for, though I will recommend at least one healer. Both Heimdall and Mother North are good choices for healing and defense, and though North has a better chance of reviving downed heroes than Heimdall, it's not as much and Heimdall gives a nice attack boost for all live heroes.

    Odin - Decent attacker with decent mana support, though hit or miss depending on your tile board.

    Mica is a good defense and support hero, though his skill benefits the most if you can get him to a full charge before he is KOed.

    Joon - Overall good fast sniper, accuracy down always a plus, and if fully leveled up in costume form, much stronger to deal with.

    Costume Magni is good to use if you have it, otherwise I do not recommend regular Magni.

    Master Lepus is another good attacker and benefits from Heimdall's support, though do take note of the defense down ailment.

    Queen of Hearts is kinda meh, but can be a good taunt hero in a pinch if you feel the need to use a more defensive team.

    Freya is an outstanding defense hero with beefy minions and a defense up ailment for all heroes. The minions also get increased attack as Freya or another minion summoner brings out more.

    Costume Marjana is definitely recommended for use. Solid attacker.

    Bobo, from what I remember, does hit for decent damage to all, but his downside is his slow mana generation. Would pair well with Odin or Mica under the right circumstances.

    And no defense in impenetrable, especially if other attackers stack elements and get luckuy on the board. Just find the best groove for your team and you should be fine.
    Anonymous said…
    Any thoughts on costume Vanda now 3 rounds of defense not 2? Does that make her a better tank or flank than Elizabeth, Octros and Grave? And lastly would you ascend her or Octros or both? Thanks
    Anonymous said…
    Vanda can be annoying to deal with especially with her very fast mana charge, so she can often spam all enemy heroes with leech and have effect shields up, even though it will be worthless if you are dealing with Garnet or another Vanda and they have their buffs up first. Regardless, she is a good choice.

    I use Elizabeth personally, and though there are ways to get around her skill now, she is still devastating to enemy heroes unless again, you are facing an enemy Garnet or Vanda. Still, she is a well-balanced hero and best to focus on upping her defense/HP before you use her.

    From what I have seen of Octros, he is basically another Odin/Frigg, but with an attack down ailment. Same as them, depends on your tile board, though he can hit harder than even Killhare under the right conditions.

    Gravemaker is considered to be one of the best tanks and can inflict some decent damage early on due to his very fast mana. Good choice overall.

    And regarding which one you focus on depends on the type of team you want to build and whatever resources/items you have to get them to their highest potential.
    Anonymous said…
    Does anyone know if Telly is still alive? Complete radio silence since August. I'm fearing the worst.
    Anonymous said…
    That is unknown, though it is likely he/she gave up this game or is taking an extended break from it all. I am doing the same thing myself.
    Anonymous said…
    I'm currently ascending an awesome combo Octros Wolfgang Ludwig Quenell and Ariel. I don't understand they are not part of your list. They kill everything.
    Cernicalo said…
    Another hero I see often on defense is Hannah, in the right combo she can be a pain in the ass.
    Anonymous said…
    I do have most of the heroes you are mentionning. HOWEVER, I am presently running a team OCTROS WOLFGANG LUDWIG QUENELL ARIEL. In all aspects of the game, they destroy everything. Sometimes with variations like GM or Alfrike or Gefjon. But always the wolf trio which is insanely powerfull.
    Anonymous said…
    I have 127 unique 5* and about 20 in double: Seshat Ludwig Lidenbrock Wolfgang Gefjon Vivica Freya Lepiota Elizabeth Lidenbrock Magni Joon Telluria Gravemaker Grazul Alfrike Marjana Odin Frigg... I would recommend considering team made with couples of such heroes. I agree that few players are in my situation. But if you try teams with 2 Ludwig or 2 Alfrike you will realize how devestating it can be!
    TLK914 said…
    double teams often suffer from single weakness. IE Garnet Ninja is avg speed at level 2 or slow at level 3 and can block both ALfrikes at once. a pair of Ludwigs can be blocked by Onyx, a pair of Finleys dies horribly in the presence of a Mitsuko.

    Pairs lock a defense into a corner. It may be a powerful even devastating corner, but attackers have the luxury of being able to analyze and adjust to the heroes before they attack. Defense is what it is and its weaknesses can be exploited by choices. For this reason Id only do a double if a situation enhances its value beyond question. IE very fast tournaments get 2 Alfrikes without question or hesitation! Or a Tournament with a color boost or weakness may encourage leaning on or against a certain color.
    Anonymous said…
    "I'm currently ascending an awesome combo Octros Wolfgang Ludwig Quenell and Ariel. I don't understand they are not part of your list. They kill everything."

    At least until the Raven family comes along in a couple weeks and then time for a new meta. I am really looking forward to snagging Rayne and Quintin off it.

    Season 5 is right around the corner as well and I'm expecting a major power creep from that.
    Cernicalo said…
    I‘d like to see an updated list, too. At the same time I can I understand that there will be way more new powerful heroes introduced soon. The positive side is that there is no more the one single team for the current meta successful to be within the first 1%. A look at the top players list shows a much more diverse team setup of the first top 100 players than in the past. There is the combo with the wolves clan but still bera elisabeth frigg odin krampus mother north marjanaC Hannah kadillenC, seshat, and many more. I trink Garnet is Great for attack but not that good anymore for Defense teams unless you pack a 3 Ninja team incl cobald and onyx Or Ruby eg, therefore I would not put her in the top 10 list anymore.