Bera Empires and Puzzles Valhalla Hero Review - Updated

This is an UPDATED review of Bera. Bera was first introduced in Empires as the featured Valhalla (Season 3) hero for September 2020.  
Bera Empires and Puzzles Season 3 Hero Card

Like Freya, Bera has fast mana and spawns strong, beefy minions. But, is Bera as good as Freya?  Although initially Bera was viewed as Freya's weaker sister, she has grown to be increasingly viewed as a top tier tank in top tier defenses. Why? Read below.

Bera's Stats:

  • Element: Dark - Purple
  • Mana Speed: Fast
  • Class: Monk
  • Valhalla Realm: Vanaheim
  • Legendary- 5*
  • Origin: Valhalla / Season 3
  • Attack: 743
  • Defense: 749
  • HP - Health: 1369

Bera Special Skill: Desir of Dusk

  • Summons a Moth Minion for each ally. The Moth Minion inherits 20% HP and 20% attack from the caster.
  • Each hit from a Moth Minion gives the target the following status ailments:
    • The target receives 180 Poison damage over 3 turns.
    • The target can’t receive new Minions for 3 turns.

Bera Hero Review - Valhalla Hero / Season 3:

Bera is an interesting and fun hero to play with in Empires & Puzzles, especially if you like minion spawners.

Like Freya, Bera comes with a fast mana and spawns beefy minions.  Unlike Freya, the minions do not provide a powerful damage buff.  However, Bera's minions still pack a powerful damage over time. Here is a side-by-side comparison of Bera and Freya at All Heroes. 

Bera's Minions Can Make a Big Difference on Defense and Raid Attacks

There are two powerful components to Bera's minions - their 20% attack and HP stats inherited from the caster, and their poison damage over time. Bera has decent base stats, so the minions do as well.  In effect they provide an instantaneous 20% HP boost or heal to the team. At fast mana, Bera is likely to fire her special in a raid, early and multiple times, if she survives long enough. That distinguishes Bera from Noor, who at slow mana and is unlikely to make a difference (unless Noor receives a buff in the future!).  

In addition to being meat shields, Bera's minions do a minimum of 60 HP damage each turn to each opposing hero they hit. Since Bera spawns minions to all her allies, it is likely that these 3-5 minions will hit each of the enemies.  In addition, with troops and emblems, it is likely that the damage each turn will be 80-90 HP per turn, for most players. This puts Bera's DoT (damage over time) on par with Vela's DoT, but can last a lot longer - since it lasts as long as the minions are alive and refreshing the 3-turn DoT counter on each enemy.
Bera's minions also prevent the target from receiving new minions. Since the Empires & Puzzles game meta has been moving to minion creation, such as with Telluria, Noor, Freya, this will turn out to be a powerful bonus. One drawback of Bera's minions is that they do not affect Vela, who is a common defense hero and resists negative effects from minions.

Against Titans, I am not very enthusiastic about Bera. The problem is that the minions tend to slow down the attack, while you wait for all the minions to fire at the end of each turn. That waiting can lower your titan score. So, if you have a purple hero with a comparable attack stat, or even a bit lower, I recommend leaving Bera on the bench.

Bera Can Be Used As a Tank

One additional factor that makes Bera an outstanding tank. On top of her fast mana and beefy minions, Bera is a "Vanaheim" hero. This means that when she dies she hits every enemy with a mana reduction. This stops an attack team instantaneously. So, if you are luck enough to kill Bera in a raid or war attack, once you do, you have to take two steps back.

Bercause of all this, Bera increasingly is found on some of the best defense teams in the game. Her base defense and health stats are at the lower end of typical 5* tanks. However, at fast mana speed, Bera usually will spawn minions at least once in a raid. That amounts to an additional 300 HP meat shield, and the minions themselves can inflict a lot of damage. In addition, when Bera dies (as the tank typically will do in a raid), Bera reduces the mana of the opposing team. The reason is the Vanaheim hero bonus, which is Bera's Valhalla Realm Bonus. With this bonus, the mana of all enemies is reduced by 5% when Bera dies. That can make a significant difference in a raid. In addition, if you have two Vanaheim heroes on defense, the bonus is -10% mana reduction, and -15% for three heroes. The Vanaheim heroes include: Freya, Bera, Norns and Mireweave. So, this is another synergy of Bera with Freya.

Bera's Emblem / Skill Path:

Bera works well on both attack and defense.  I think the best strategy for using Bera is to increase her defense firstly, and HP secondarily, for two reasons. Alternatively, if you are more damage oriented you can focus on attack. Increasing attack increases the attack stat inherited by the minions as well as their damage over time.

Bera Grading / Ranking:

  • Attack: A
  • Overall Defense: A+
    • Tank: A+
    • Flank: A+
    • Wing: B
  • Titans: C+
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A
    • Buff Booster: A
    • Bloody Battle: A+

Overall Bera Rating: A+

Bera is similar to Freya, but I have decided to re-grade her due to her outstanding performance on defense, and as a defense tank. Do you think Bera should get an A or A+ rating? UPDATE: Have I rated Bera too highly now? And should she be reduced to an "A" grade?


Bobby said…
Thanks for this concise breakdown.
I'm just about to throw some emblems Bera's way & you've helped sway my decision on her path :)
Telly said…
Glad to help 👍. Let me know how she works out once you play with her a while.
Dragon Slayer said…
I had Bera ever since she came out.I have her emblemed up at 19 using attack emblems patg.minions deal 209 damage over time.incedible.easy to get through maps and battles.if only she stays alive longer.But, still my favorite purple hereo because of how fast her mana is.i have her paired up with lady of the lake.They get along great.
ODog said…
I love my Bera + Feya team! Minion death.
engineer said…
I think you are underrating Bera, she feels like the equivalent of Freya with the ongoing poison damage and the ridiculously beefy minions. I love her on event levels as well since I can enter the final level with 1000hp of minions. I used her as a tank on the recent rush wars and she ate flags with the minions soaking up damage and a healer fixing the underlying damage. I vote A or A- overall.
LoLo said…
@Telly, you provide an easily digestible breakdown of heroes so thank you! Quick suggestion: more insight on how to take down heroes would be much appreciated. For example-- use Heimdall with Skadi in order to take out higher level minions. Probably not the best example, but I'm still getting through my first cup of coffee ; \
Thanks again for all the cool info
Anonymous said…
As a user of Bera myself, I agree that she is a very good tank and I have used her quite a bit, especially with Freya. However, I do not consider her as an "A+", as she is very popular in a lot of teams and basically one of the few things that can shut her down or reduce her ability is another Bera (or that beekeeper hero).

Personally, she should be an A due to her reduced performance against titans and the fact there are ways to counter her minion spawns, but that's just me...
Telly said…
@Anonymous: I agree you correctly point out some of Bera's vulnerabilities, and originally had Bera graded lower. However, the game evolved and Bera's synergies with other heroes and family skill have made her the premium tank and especially war tank in the game.
nadzirjamal said…
Thanks a bunch for this guide on how to use Bera best. I have her in my second team, which has been frustrating me at to how weak it is. Maybe Bera will help steering things around. Thanks again, and have a great day. -Malaysian II-