August 2021 Event Calendar for Empires & Puzzles

August 2021 Calendar Empires and Puzzles graphic
This is the August 2021 calendar for Empires and Puzzles with the dates of the major game events and quests. For the quests, I have listed the major quests where you can get unfarmable ascension items.  I'll update this calendar if any new events worth mentioning pop up in the game.

Savvy Game Strategy for August

August, like July is like a waiting period for savvy E&P players. This is all discussed more in the Limit Breakers article. The short story is that you can expect a lot of overpowered heroes and costumes coming out in the Fall, so there really is no point in rushing to use gems to buy more pulls this month, when MUCH BETTER heroes are coming soon!

If you absolutely feel you must spend in August, powering up troops is really the only smart strategy.
Aug. 1  Chakkoszrot August HOTM is introduced.

Aug. 1 - Aug. 24   Path of Valor continues. Valor Pass Rating: B; Enhanced Valor Pass Rating: F. 

Aug. 1-3  Valhalla Forever Summons Event with Season 3 Valhalla heroes, including a handful that are considered the best in game, such as Frigg, Odin, Bera and Alfrike. Summon Portal Rating: C.

Aug. 7  Major Quest Expected (i.e. Mount Umber, Farholme Pass, Shrikewood, Shiloh, Frostmarch etc.) (appx. date).

Aug. 5 - 9  New Challenge Event - Slayers of Fell Shadows. Play the event, but do not summon any heroes in the portal for the best strategy reasons discussed above. These heroes could be good for Rush tournaments or wars, so if you need heroes for those events, you might consider a few pulls. Summon Portal Rating: C. 

Aug. 9-11  Mythic Titan event. ADVICE: this event is fun to play but has awful prizes. Recommendation: have fun, but don't use a lot of expensive battle items and don't buy the event "offer."  It does practically nothing to advance in the game. Have fun, but don't push to rank high, especially if your alliance can't make the top 10. Offer Rating: F.  Prize Value: F.

Aug. 12-16  Voyagers of the Underwild event. This will include one new event hero. Summon Portal Rating: D (downgraded for Aug.).

Aug. 16  Major Quest Expected (i.e. Mount Umber, Farholme Pass, Shrikewood, Shiloh, Frostmarch etc.) (appx. date).

Aug.17  Mirages of Omega - the limit breaker event where you can get Aethers for use in limit breaking heroes (appx. date).

Aug. 19-22  Tavern of Legends Event. Hero Summon Portal Rating: F. Too many outdated heroes, low chance of getting what you want!

Aug. 23-25  Atlantis Rises. Summon portal features mostly outdated 5* heroes. Some of the 4* heroes can be good though if you do not have them already, like Proteus and Wilbur.  Summon Portal Rating: F.

Aug. 26  Major Quest Expected (appx. date).

August 26-28   Masquerade Costume Event. Generally speaking, this event often is the best for summoning heroes. However, with the new Limit Breakers and upcoming overpowered new heroes, even this portal has been downgraded. Summon Portal Rating: C+.

Aug. 29-31 Second Valhalla Forever for August. Summon Portal Rating: C.

Aug. 30-31 Path of Valor Begins, and runs through September.


Anonymous said…

which legendary hero of July valhalla?
Telly said…
Updated: Originally I thought you were talking about August, since this is the August calendar! For July the featured Valhalla hero is Lady Loki. August will feature Frigg.
RiversRocks said…
What happened to Atlantis Rising events?
BrightWhiteLight said…
@RiverRocks: What do you mean? AR starts August 6.
Anonymous said…
Atlantis Rises runs July 26 - 28 and then does not reappear until August 23 - 25.
Telly said…
@Anonymous: Thanks for responding to the question about AR. I think that the previous question is from 2020, so it's referring to the August 2020 version. The confusion came about because I updated the old August 2020 post for 2021's dates, rather than creating an all-new posting for 2021. Maybe I should go in and delete all the 2020 comments to avoid that confusion.
Anonymous said…
The Slayers heroes seem strong - with a good chance to make them fast speed during a match. You still don’t suggest pulls?
Unknown said…
Hola! Yo invoque y me salió Saoirse( 5* rojo maná lento) pero el mes pasado me salió zimkhita, maná rápido, también rojo 5*.. mi pregunta es a cual subo primero? Solamente tengo 6 anillos místicos y se me hace difícil conseguirlos.. cuál me recomiendas? Saludos desde Argentina ;)
Unknown said…
Slayers are very good heroes the catch is that you need more than one and different in the team to actually get the benefits. Only for three heroes the family bonus is 100% per turn, which makes them have +50% mana generation quite quickly.

Besides in a VF tournament or war they can be very useful since most of them have very good specials
Unknown said…
Having a hero(es) with permanent +50% mana generation toward the end of the battle is a great advantage.
Mdcernicalo said…
Hey Telly, there has been no update for almost two months on this site, no sep or oct calendar, no knights challenge or updates on new heroes. Hope you are well! Do you still work on EaP and post new updates?