August 2020 Event Calendar for Empires & Puzzles

August 2020 Calendar Empires and Puzzles graphic
This is the August 2020 calendar for Empires and Puzzles with the dates of the major game events and quests. For the quests, I have listed the major quests where you can get unfarmable ascension items.  I'll update this calendar if any new events worth mentioning pop up in the game.

Aug. 2  Farholme Pass - Damascus Blade (appx. date). 

Aug. 3 - Sept. 22  Path of Valor 4

Aug. 6 - 8   Atlantis Rising 
  • Featured Atlantis Heroes with grades:
    • Ursena (purple-dark) - Rating: A+. Ursena is rated as one of the top 10 heroes of Empires & Puzzles.  A formidable tank, that acts as a both a good damage dealer and support hero.
    • Inari (yellow-holy) - Rating: B
  • Featured Heroes of the Month with grades:
    • Khonia (purple-Dark) - Rating: B
    • Grazul (red-Fire) - Rating: C
Aug. 10 Mount Umber - Mystic Rings (appx. date).

Aug. 13 - 17 Pirates of Corellia - Many feel Finley is the most powerful 5* hero in the game. Only available in this event.
  • Captain Kestrel (5* Fire)
  • Captain Sargasso (5* Dark)
  • Finley
  • Lady Locke (5* Nature)
  • Marie-Thérèse (5* Dark)
  • Peters (4* Nature)
  • First Mate Boomer (4* Dark)
  • Vodnik (3* Ice)
Aug. 17 - 19   Masquerade Costume Event.

Aug. 20  Shrikewood - Mysterious Tonic (appx. date).

Aug. 20 - 24   Tavern of Legends (HOTM that are over year old).

Aug. 27 - 31   Valhalla Summons Event (Valhalla heroes available.  Frigg is featured Valhalla hero with in the Valhalla summons portal).

Aug. 28  Frostmarch - Farsight Telescope (appx. date). 

TBD:  Farholme Pass (Damascus Blade), Mount Umber (Mystic Rings), Shrikewood (Mysterious Tonic), Frostmarch (Farsight Telescope).


Anonymous said…

which legendary hero of July valhalla?
Telly said…
Updated: Originally I thought you were talking about August, since this is the August calendar! For July the featured Valhalla hero is Lady Loki. August will feature Frigg.
RiversRocks said…
What happened to Atlantis Rising events?
BrightWhiteLight said…
@RiverRocks: What do you mean? AR starts August 6.