Skadi Hero Review - Valhalla Season 3 Empires and Puzzles Hero

Skadi is a Valhalla / Season 3 hero in Empires and Puzzles, first introduced in June 2020.  This is my review and grading of this interesting hero, who is a combination of strong defense and potent offense.  

Skadi - Valhalla Hero Card

Skadi's Stats:

  • Element: Ice - Blue
  • Mana Speed: Average
  • Class: Monk
  • Legendary- 5*
  • Origin: Valhalla / Season 3
  • Realm: Jotunheim
  • Attack: 696
  • Defense: 793
  • HP - Health: 1411

    Skadi Special Skill: Iceberg Crush

    • Deals 220% damage to all enemies.
    • The damage is increased by 50% per each dead enemy.
    • Stack: all enemies receive 30 Frost damage per each killed enemy or enemy minion at the end of each turn. The maximum size of stack is 10.
    • Stack: all enemies get -6% mana generation per each killed enemy or enemy minion. The maximum size of stack is 10.

    Skadi Hero Review - Valhalla Season 3 Hero:

    Skadi has so much ability that it is almost as if she does not know who she should be.  Her good defense and health stats, would indicate she should be defense-oriented.  But her powerful special skill attack says she should be offensively-oriented.  It could wind up badly for her, like with Anzogh or Neith - doing everything, but nothing very well.  However, it seems that with this hero Empires & Puzzles got it right.  

    Skadi Packs a Powerful Punch

    Skadi's special skill can cause a lot of damage, and then the stack provides DOT (damage over time) combined with a defense down on enemies.  

    Skadi's Direct Damage

    Once an enemy is killed, the initial damage % pops up to 270% making Skadi's damage formidable.  If 2 enemies are killed, then Skadi's damage is 320%, making her the most powerful Attack on Everyone (AoE) attacker.  And with 3 enemies already killed, her damage is 370%, making her in effect a sniper.  This makes Skadi very effective for raids and tournament teams.  

    Skadi's Frost Damage Stack goes up to 300 HP and -60% Mana Generation per Turn!

    Skadi's Frost stack damage is enormous, and undispellable.  It can go up to 300 HP damage per turn.  If she kills 10 minions, for example, in effect her DOT becomes 300 per turn.  That is a higher DOT than any other hero can provide.
    Skadi's two stacks can effectively cripple an enemy team. This is especially true if the enemy is minion-heavy, like in the typical Telluria defense, or in a defense with Seshat, Noor or Delilah. For every minion (or enemy) killed in the attack, Skadi's double stack will hit every enemy with:
    1. 30 Frost damage per each killed minion or enemy at the end of each turn, up to 300 Frost Damage per turn.
    2. Mana Ailment:  -6% mana generation per each killed minion or enemy, up to -60%.

    Skadi's initial attack stat has been increased to 220% in a post-release buff. The intent was to make sure she could kill most minions, which she does. 

    Both of these stacks are undispellable. It is quite possible that in a raid or tournament battle Skadi's stack could easily get up to 5. That would make it 150 Frost DOT and -30% mana generation ailment. In effect, Skadi can cripple an entire enemy team in raids.

    Skadi also has tanky defense stats, making her tough to kill. Because of that, Skadi could work well on defense both as a tank and flank.  She also could work on wing because that would delay firing her special skill, potentially until a time when some enemies are already weakened. Her average mana speed, however, makes her less desirable on wing. I am giving Skadi a B+ as a tank, because as tank, she would need to fire her special skill early, likely before the enemies' minions have spawned.& Also, if you see Skadi as a tank or flank, you should leave your minion generating heroes on the bench. That also knocks down Skadi as a flank.

    In titan battles, it is unlikely that Skadi's stack would come into play, since titans do not carry minions. Her attack stat is relatively low for a 5* hero, making her less desirable as well.  If you have a hero with a higher attack, you may wish to leave Skadi on the bench for titans.

    Skadi's Emblem / Skill Path:

    Skadi can work well either on offense or defense. Personally, I think the best strategy is to increase Skadi's attack stat on the Monk talent grid, so that her direct damage can increase making it more likely she will kill all minions, and thereby making her two stacks more powerful.  However, if you plan to use Skadi as a tank, or even flank on your defense team, you may want to choose a talent path that increases defense and HP. 

    Skadi Grading:

    • Attack: A+
    • Overall Defense: B+
      • Tank: B+
      • Flank: B+
      • Wing: C+
    • Titans: C
    • Raid Tournaments:
      • Rush: A+
      • Buff Booster: B
      • Bloody Battle: A

    Overall Skadi Rating: A+

    Skadi is a great hero.  I have rated Skadi as an A+ overall, which is an increase from my initial review. The reason is the buff she received soon after release, making her likelihood of killing minions and getting the stack much greater. Also this makes her better on defense. Do you think I should raise her defense rating to A- or A?  


    Unknown said…
    Appreciate your reviews and tips. I'll be coming back frequently and recommending my alliance to check out your blog.
    Telly said…
    Thanks. I'll look forward to seeing you and them!
    Oliver said…
    Great blog and insight, very helpful
    Telly said…
    Thanks Oliver. I'll see you again soon.
    Anonymous said…
    If I understand this correcty, Skadi's stack fires on every turn? That's in addition to any damage inflicted by the 170% attack? If that's right, I WANT THIS HERO! Huge for raids and tournaments. Shooot I didn't pull it in the last Valhalla.
    Telly said…
    Yes, the stack fires at the end of each turn. Skadi's stack attack can be huge.
    weazel said…
    I got her and she's not that great. Her basic attack is quite poor and she even struggles to kill minions. She's also vulnerable to attack and she's not fast. You have to feed her with attacking emblems to boost attack and let her fire her amazing special skill potential.

    To me C+ or B- at most.
    Anonymous said…
    I've got her too, and think she's an A++ in raids. She shoots, she kills. Weazel, I think you just haven't figured out how to use her buddy. Definitely worth the emblems, and she kills every minion & more. If you're having trouble killing minions with her special w emblems than must be some other problem.
    You can bring along someone like Vela to weaken but not kill the minions first if you got that prob. Before embleming her up I was missing a few minions too. Now, win almost every raid now against GTV. Been going 3 red, Skadi + either a 4th red or Vela.
    Anonymous said…
    Love the way you break down each hero, very helpful
    Telly said…
    Anonymous, Thanks!
    Regarding Weazel & Anonymous' comments: I agree that without emblems the bare 170% damage Skadi hits with may not destroy all minions, especially beefy ones like Noor's. With some emblems it can be enough sometimes. Even better, Skadi pairs well with weak damage dealers like Gravemaker, Vela, Telluria, and also with damage buffers like Kiril. Fire them first and weaken the minions a bit, and Skadi can come in and finish them off. It does take some skill in use sometimes to make her shine.
    Apollo's Empire said…
    Did I see a B- c+ recommended grade!?!?!? Not a chance! Skadi is A+ on offense and I'd say A- on defense simply because like all heroes, with AI control of defense, she might not fire at the opportune time.
    I love her on offense and I'll purposely wait for telly to go off before I unleash the fury and put 5 2stacks on the enemy team early. I also try to use her to kill enemies that are hanging on by a thread. I've had her at 10 2stacks often and just the stacks will destroy the OPPONENT throughout the rest of the fight. Currently, my favorite hero ( that I own )and with Ariel and any other blue hitter -i use magni- it's brought me to 3k cups several times.
    Anonymous said…
    Hi Telly,
    Having used Skadi for a while now, I have to say, and it makes me sad, that I'd put her at A or A- even. She packs a wallop, but her +50% damage only comes into play if she's the one killing them, and for the stacks there have to actually be minions. If the attack team does not produce any, then all she has is her base attack, which is not bad but not spectacular enough to warrant A+. She is still very useful, but I removed her from my defense team. Just my take. I though I'd share. :-)
    Thanks for all your work on the blog.
    Telly said…
    Indeed. I agree with that, Skadi is not great on a defense team, and is situational on offense. You need to pick your attack. Is great on minion spawning wars, even for defense.