Sand Empire Guide Empires and Puzzles

Sand Empire is the Summer Seasonal event for Empires & Puzzles. It was expanded last time by adding Roc, a new 5* hero. All the Sand Empire Heroes can be found at AllHeroes.  

UPDATE: The 2021 version of the event adds costumes for Yunan and Rana. These controversial new introductions are supposed to be updating the heroes to a more usable form as the game has evolved. Generally speaking, they are not that great, B-grade heroes, but slightly buffed over the originals. This is among the reasons the event portal gets an "F" grade. Scroll down for all the details on that!

There are three modes in the event - "easy", "normal" and "advanced". This guide shows best strategies for playing and easily completing the event.
Sand Empire Event
The Sand Empire event begins in June and runs into July. In playing this seasonal event, you need to complete a level to get the best rewards, typically 3* and 4* unfarmable ascension materials. You also will receive an epic troop token or epic hero token along the way. 

Tips & Strategies for Sand Empire

Epic Hero Token Strategy

You can use epic hero tokens (EHT) in the seasonal summon portal.  Many experienced players save all their EHTs for the seasonal events, like Sand Empire. This gives you a better chance of getting a good hero since the event heroes are available, not just plain vanilla Season 1 / TC20 heroes. You also save gems, by having more token pulls in the summons portal, instead of having to use gems. 

However, I personally find the Sand Empire heroes worse than those in the Fall, Winter and Spring events. But, you'll have to wait a long time if you hold on to all your EHTs for them.- until October at the earliest.  If you have the patience, I recommend holding on to your stored-up EHTs rather than using them in this event.

Bring Purple and Blue Heroes Strategy

The monsters (enemies) you face in the Sand Empire event quest are yellow (holy) and red (fire). So you should try to include purple (dark) and blue (ice) heroes, which are the colors that are strong against the enemy monsters. Typically in a stage with yellow enemies, I will bring at least 2-3 purple / dark heroes. In a primarily red stage, I bring 2-3 blue / ice heroes.

Yellow Only Stages - Bring Purple / Dark Heroes

Eight stages are yellow only. Bring 2-3 Purple / Dark heroes to these stages to complete the stage quicker. These yellow enemies stages are:
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 4
  • Stage 7
  • Stage 10
  • Stage 11
  • Stage 14
  • Stage 17
  • Stage 20

Sand Empire Stage Guide - Enemies and Bosses at Each Level, and Rewards

Use this guide to see the enemies and bosses at each level and plan the team you bring. Also use the second guide to see the prizes available. Like other seasonal events, Sand Empire now has three modes - easy, normal and advanced. You need to complete each stage of each mode, before you can go on to the next. There are 20 stages in each of the modes, making 60 stages total.

Sand Empire Monster and Bosses Guide:

Thanks to @cap for creating this graphic.

Match 5 and Match 4 Specials

Match 5 Genie Lamp - Silence Enemies for Two Turns

Match 5 Genie Lamp
If you match 5 or more tiles, then you get a match 5 shield, which is a genie bottle or lamp (instead of the regular diamond). When you activate this match 5 shield, it explodes all the tiles in a diagonal "X" to the edge of the board, and causes all the enemies to be silenced for 2 turns. In effect, their normal attack turn counter is increased by 2, up to a maximum of 4. 

Match 4 Hourglass - Also Silences Enemies for 2 Turns

Match 4 Hourglass - Sand Empire
When you match 4 tiles, then, instead of the usual dragon you get an hourglass shield. When you activate this match 4 hourglass shield, it explodes itself and the shields diagonally adjacent to it, forming a smaller "x" shape of exploded shields. Like the genie lamp, it causes all enemies to have their turn counters increased by 2, up to a maximum of 4. It is like silencing the normal attacks for 2 turns.

Sand Empire Seasonal Summons Portal

There are 7 event heroes for this event. And they are only available in the Sand Empire summon portal during the event. The chance of pulling one of the three legendary heroes is tiny - at 1.5%. The legendary hero of the month is also available. You can run summon simulations for Sand Empire at AllHeroes before going in-game to get a feel for the portal. The portal stats:

Sand Empire Portal Grades:

I really can't sugar-coat this: The Sand Empire portal is TERRIBLE, and really is one of the worst in the game, The introduction of costumes for Yunan and Rana does nothing to fix the portal. Save your free coin tokens for the October Halloween event!

As usual, the BEST STRATEGY is to just play and enjoy the event and get the prizes and free tokens. Pick a few of the portals that have generally good heroes, and focus on those. Never chase after heroes, and for every hero you already pulled from that event, your chances of getting a 5* DROPS rapidly! My recommendation is to skip this portal.
  • Quality of the heroes: Grade F
    • Generally, these are among the least desirable in the game.
  • Effective chance of summoning good heroes: Grade F
  • Chances of good 4* and 3* heroes: Grade F 
    • At under 10% for 4* event heroes, and under 20% for event 3*, this is among the lowest in the game.
  • 5* Heroes Impact: F.
  • Portal Frequency: F
    • The more frequent the portal, the better your chances of pulling multiple heroes and taking advantage of the family bonus using coin pulls. This event only runs once each year.
Overall Sand Empire Hero Portal Grade: F

Here are the summon chances:

Classic Season 1 Heroes
  • Rare Classic Hero: 56.8%
  • Epic Classic Hero: 20.8%
  • Legendary Classic Hero: 1.0%
Sand Empire Seasonal Heroes
  • Rare Seasonal Hero: 14.2%
  • Epic Seasonal Hero: 5.7%
  • Legendary Seasonal Hero: 1.5%
Hero of the Month: 1.3%


SCBrain said…
I love how blunt Telly is. He’s not afraid to assign F grades to events and portals that fail
to meet expectations. Great job!

It is odd how EVERYONE on the internet who grades E&P heroes never assigns grades of D or F. Every hero is average or above average? That’s impossible. Roc deserves a D or F, for instance. Not every HOTM can be C+ or better.