Roc - Sand Empire Summer Seasonal Event Hero

Roc is the new 2020 Sand Empire Summer event hero in Empires and Puzzles.  He's a yellow - holy 5* Legendary.  Roc is a damage-over-time type of hero, at average mana speed. 

Roc's Stats:

  • Element: Holy - Yellow
  • Mana Speed: Average
  • Class: Barbarian
  • Legendary- 5*
  • Attack: 762
  • Defense: 739
  • HP: 1361

Roc Special Skill: Sand Cyclone

  • All enemies receive 306 damage over 3 turns.
  • All enemies get -50% decrease for any healing received for 2 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.
  • Dispels status ailments from all allies.

Roc Sand Empire Hero Card

Roc Sand Empire Hero Review:

Roc, what should we say in this review about you?  Poor underpowered Roc.  Yes, Roc was a victim of the Telluria - Vela overpowered controversy.  He started out in Beta testing with fast mana and a much more powerful attack.  Then came the nerf wave in May 2020, and Roc was reduced, a victim of the panic that overpowered heroes could disturb game balance.

Like the other 5* legendary Sand Empire heroes, Roc features a damage over time (DOT) and a healing ailment on the opposing enemies.  Compared to Rana, his DOT is terrible, as is his healing ailment.  Here's a comparison:

Roc Rana
Direct 0 185%
DOT 102/turn, 3 turns, all enemies 134/turn, 3 turns, target + adjacent enemies
Total DOT 306 402

-50% -75%

Rana gives 185% direct damage in addition to her higher amount of DOT damage.  Moreover, her healing ailment is -75% versus Roc's -50%.  So it is fairly clear that Rana just is much more powered than Roc.  It's not that Rana is over powered, just Roc is under-powered.

Hold on to Roc, He May Be Buffed Eventually

Roc now is so under-powered, that it is likely he will become like Atmos, sitting on everyone's bench until he gets a buff.  I would say there is a good chance Roc will eventually get a buff, since he is so under-powered when compared to other event heroes, not just Rana.

Against titans, Roc has a relatively good base attack stat, at 762.  So, he could do reasonably well on a titan attack team.  However that is all he brings to the table, and if you have higher attack heroes, bring them.

For raid tournaments, Roc's average speed will be buffed up to very fast in Rush Tourneys.  However, his attack still is underwhelming, making him a relatively poor choice if you have anything else on the bench.
For defense, Roc is not a meat shield, and his special power is weak.  So it would be hard to find a place for him on defense.  Flank would be his best location, as he is a weak tank, and too slow and under-powered for a wing.

Roc's Emblem / Skill Path:

Roc does not have a clear best path for emblems, so I am not giving a recommendation for him.  If you think he could be good for raid attacks, go the offense-defense path on the Barbarian talent grid.  Otherwise, if you want him to try to survive longer, go for the defense-health path.

Roc Grading:

  • Titans: B
  • Overall Defense: C
    • Tank: D
    • Flank: B
    • Wing: C-
  • Attack: C
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: C+
    • Buff Booster: C
    • Bloody Battle: C
Overall Roc Rating: C
Update, having played more with Roc, I have decided he is a solid C, and have downgraded him as a wing to a C-, since on wing he is too slow to make much of a difference in defense.
What do you think?  Have I been too hard on Roc?  Should he be a Roc be a B or  B-?