Noor - July 2020 Empires & Puzzles Hero of the Month - HOTM Review and Rating

Noor is a minion spawner, the first minion spawning - minion killer in the Empires & Puzzles game.  She is the Hero of the Month (HOTM) for July 2020, and this review and grading have been updated in 2021 in view of the better and more usable minion spawning heroes that have come out.
Noor HOTM Official Hero Card

Noor's Stats:

  • Mana Speed: Slow
  • Level: Legendary 5*
  • Class: Cleric
  • Element: Fire - Red
  • Attack: 704
  • Defense: 782
  • Health / HP: 1314
  • Innate talent: Sparrow Summoner – Summons a Sparrow Minion for self when an enemy summons any Minions by Special Skill.

Noor Special Skill: Sparrow Fury

  • Summons a Sparrow Minion for each ally. The Sparrow Minion inherits 30% HP and 30% attack from the caster.
  • Before Sparrow Minion hits target, it destroys all Minions from the target.
  • Element Link gives all Fire allies +30% defense against Special Skills for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Noor HOTM Review:

Noor is the July 2020 HOTM, coming right after Raffaele.  There were high hopes for a bounce-back in July with a Fire 5* fast sniper hero.  For those wanting a fast red sniper, Noor is a disappointment, and we all will have to wait for Gefjon to be introduced in Valhalla / Season 3. He'll be the long-awaited fast red sniper. 
The sparrow minions Noor spawns are fun and interesting to play with.  They put up a bulky meat shield barrier, and are highly effective against any enemy minions - destroying them all, except those atttached to heroes with minion resistance. That gives Noor some utility against Telluria defenses, especially defenses featuring Freya with Telluria, even if Telluria's own minions are not destroyed.  Freya spawns 20% HP minions that give all other minions +120% attack.  That's a devastating combination on defense with Telly.  However, Noor's slow mana speed means that her minions often come rather late to make much of an impact, but when they do, they make a big impact on such minion heavy defenses.  But, once they finally spawn to allies, one or more allies likely are already dead, defeating the whole advantage of a team-wide spawn.

In addition to that, Noor has a particularly well-suited inate talent - she spawns a minion any time an enemy's special skill spawns a minion.  That means that when Telluria, or Delilah, or Seshat fires its special skill, Noor will summon a minion for herself, even if her special has not fired.  This can come in handy, because the minion will start destroying the enemy's minions.  

Due to these deficiencies, I am going to rate Noor as almost useless against titans or in offensive raids. Noor's relatively low base attack stat means there are a lot better red / Fire 5* heroes to bring to a titan fight, and a lot of red 4* heroes are better. She has some utility in map stages, where her slow mana speed is not a great issue.  Likewise, she can have some better effect in Rush tournaments, where her slow mana speed is converted to very fast.  However, even then, Noor's special is far from devastating like other slow five-star legendary heroes.  After all, she is no Costume Azlar, or even Vivica.  

Besides rush tourneys, is Noor good for anything?  Yes. If you lack a good red legendary tank she could be middling, like a B grade tank.  She also could help on red stacks against a Telluria tank in raids.  But, as pointed out before, she likely is too slow to make a big difference.  There are so many better options that I do not expect many people will use Noor in that role, or as a tank.  On a war team, Noor also will not shine, but can provide some greater depth if you are not yet up to 30 other 5* to fill out war raids.

Noor's Emblem / Skill Path:

Going a health-attack route on the Talent Grid will serve to increase the power of the Sparrow Minions Noor spawns.  An attack-defense route will help Noor live longer in order to fire her special skill. I think it is a matter of your play style preference.  On balance, I recommend the attack-health path on the Monk talent grid, since the minions are the most fun and useful aspect of Noor.

Noor Grading / Ranking:

  • Attack: D
  • Overall Defense: D
    • Tank: D
    • Flank: C-
    • Wing: D
  • Titans: D
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: B
    • Buff Booster: D
    • Bloody Battle: D

Overall Noor Rating: D

NOTE:  Having played some more with Noor, have concluded that she is too slow and her special too weak to make any difference in raid attacks, but is a little better in raid defense and helpful in tough map stages. That is enough to move her attack to a D, and not an F.  However, her "fun factor" is  high if you do not have any of the decent minion summoning heroes like Frosth, Bera, Freya or Delilah.  Noor and other minion spawners can be good for advanced map stages too.  Do you think I should raise up her grade?
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Telly said…
Hmm. I'm going to have to think about this some more. Noor+Freya could be devastating. But how many people have Freya?
Not Noor said…
Count me as another vote for giving Noor a C grade!
Anonymous said…
Noor is at best a C+ hero, but I think C or lower would have been a fair grade. Just curious, why skip over C+ and go right to B- from C after release?
Telly said…
I raised Noor's rating because I had not fully considered the innate ability in making my initial rating. So in attacking the Telluria defenses, or the Telluria + Freya defences, each time they spawn a minion, so will Noor, even without firing her special. That's 300+ HP per minion. Those sparrow minions then go and start destroying all the minions that Telluria or Freya spawned. That's why I made the change, but may chop it down again.
Anonymous said…
The discussion on the SG forum is very negative on Noor.
Anonymous said…
Minions skill turn her a B offense against Telly, Freya, Seshat, Delilah.

Can be used on offense together others minion makers like Freya or Telluria

The mono red style is the better strategy to use her on offense, 30% defense increase for all Red allies plus 25% minion life is very nice. After beat The Green Tank with red Stones, It is easier to charge a slow mana hero.

Noor play well together Willbur, this two heroes can turn your mono red team a real wall while you destroy the enemies with Red Stones, Minions and other Red heroe's skills.
Telly said…
Yes, I was thinking Noor might do well in a red stack with Wilbur and Boldtusk, but haven't tested it yet.
Anonymous said…
You are forgetting that Telluria and Vela have inate abilities that make Noor's Minions useless.
Braveheart said…
Sorry.... buy Telly has a protect against minion destroying heroes . Noor will kill the other minions but not the ones in Telly . Same goes for Vela. Same HOTM active skill. That is what disappointed me in getting Noor. Telly and vela keep their minions.
Telly said…
Yes, it certainly reduces the number of minions destroyed.