Mythic Titans Guide - Empires and Puzzles Event

Mythic Titans is a monthly challenge event in Empires & Puzzles, first introduced in December  2020. This guide provides all the details known about the event, and the special offer that is available during the event.

Gilgamesh Mythic Titan Empires and Puzzles

WARNING: (1) Peer Pressure: This is a peer-pressure event, where you are pressured to buy a "Mythic Battle Bundle" for about $5.00 (US Dollars) or 5,00 € (Euros) for your alliance-mates, even if you normally play free.  

WARNING: (2) Bad Prizes: The prizes for this event are among the worst in the game. It definitely is not worth PAYING to win these prizes. Even if you are in a top alliance, and can make the top 100, the prizes are sub-par.  Moreover, it is an expensive  event, not just in terms of real money. If you want to do well, you need to use a lot of battle items that are very EXPENSIVE in terms of in-game resources. There is very little gain for the cost involved.

BEST STRATEGY: Play this event for FREE. Don't buy the "Mythic Battle Bundle". Don't try to make the Top 100. Don't pressure your alliance mates to use battle items. Just play for fun to enjoy the game!

Alliances Compete Together in Mythic Titans Event

The Mythic Titans event involves competition among alliances for high titan scores, as well as among individual players for ranking on a leaderboard.  There are three levels of difficulty in the event against each mythic titan that appears - Cautious Battle, Brave Battle and Extreme Battle.

Strategy Video

I made a quick strategy video for the event. Follow those tips to score the highest! The video pretty much follows this article, but summarizes the Mythic Titans strategy tips quickly:

Difficulty Levels for Mythic Titans Event

For each of the titans that appears during the event there are three different difficulty tiers of play, called a style of battle. As the in-game tooltip explains: The Mythic Titan will take more damage if you fight more daringly - but so will your Heroes.  The styles of battle include:

Cautious Battle

  • Heroes: normal attack.
  • Mythic Titan: -70% attack.
This is the easiest tier to survive because the titan hits are very weak - the titan having a 70% reduction in its attacks.  It is more difficult to run up a high score, however. This is because there is no attack buff for the attacking team, beyond whatever battle items or special skill buffs they bring.

Brave Battle

  • Heroes: +50% attack.
  • Mythic Titan: -40% attack.
This is the mid-range battle level. For mid to upper level players, this is a very easy level to survive, since the mythic titan gets a -40% attack reduction. This battle level also gives a +40% attack buff to the attacking player, meaning you can run up some high scores, but not as high as with the Extreme Battle level.

Extreme Battle

  • Heroes: +100% attack.
  • Mythic Titan: normal attack.
This is the advanced mode, or the "most daring" style of battle. For some players, it may be more difficult to survive this battle tier, since the mythic titan has its normal attack power. However, for most upper mid-level or upper level players, this battle tier still is survivable. It also is an attractive tier to play because it is easiest to run up high scores, since the heroes get an automatic 100% attack buff.

Mythic Aura

Initially you receive an attack buff, known as the Mythic Aura. This buffs the attack stat of your heroes by + 20% and mana generation by +20%, when they fight the Mythic Titan for the first time in an event round. This means, your first battle may be your best hits of the event, so plan it carefully! 

In the second and third battles in which a particular hero is used, the Mythic Aura gives no buff. 

Starting with the fourth titan battle, the Mythic aura starts to have a negative effect - decreasing the attack stat of your hero.  The attack debuff increases with each subsequent battle. So your final titan hits will be impaired as compared to the first three. In the fourth battle, the heroes get:
  • -10% attack
  • -10% mana generation.
This debuff increases (gets worse) with each subsequent battle. 

Strategy Tip: As shown in the table below, the Mythic Aura is a considerable disadvantage after you have used a particular hero 3 times. You will want to make sure your first hit with your best team is the best, in order to take the most advantage of the Mythic Aura.

  Attack #  Attack Buff /
Mana Generation
 Buff / Ailment

Mythic Watchers

The mythic watchers are like minions. They act as partial meat shields for the titan. In other words, they absorb a fraction of any damage that would be dealt to the titan from your tiles or special skills. Each watcher sits on one of the 9 attack lanes. Any tiles that go up that lane are absorbed by the Watcher, and do no damage to the titan. This means that any damage from special skills and from tiles that do not hit the Watcher do full damage, scoring points. 

If a watcher is sitting on the titan's weak spot, the titan cannot be stunned. In effect, the Watcher is blocking the weak spot. However, the Watcher also takes increased damage, and can be killed easily.

Destroying a Mythic Watcher reduces the mana of the titan, so you score some points that way. The titan starts out with 3 Watchers, and every 2 turns, 2 more mythic watchers appear. 

How to destroy Mythic Watchers:

  1. Tiles: Direct hits with tiles on the Watcher.
  2. Special Skills: Any special skill that inflicts damage will also damage the watcher. Damage is applied first to any watchers, and if any is remaining after all watchers are destroyed, the balance of the damage is applied to the titan.  Attack on Everyone special skills target each watcher and the titan.

Mythic Watchers Summary:

  • Starts with 3 Mythic Watchers.
  • Summons 2 more every 2 turns.
  • Blocks stuns if in weak spot.
  • Absorb some of the damage - in effect reducing the damage to the titan.
  • Once destroyed, decrease mana of titan.

Battle Item Interference

You can bring battle items to your attacks on the titan. However, every 2 turns the Mythic Titan "interferes" with one of the battle items. What this means is you won't be able to use the battle item that is interfered with. This annoying interference lasts for 3 turns.

Strategies for High Scores in Mythic Titan Event

Using titan battle items will be a must for the highest scores in a Mythic Titan event. You can craft them in the Hunter's Lodge.  Other good items would be mana pots, tornadoes and time stops that can be crafted in Forges. In addition, choosing the most difficult battle tier that you can survive will give the most points. For most people, that would be the "Extreme Battle" tier.

Most importantly, make your first hit with your best mono team your best hit! This is because those heroes gain the benefit of the Mythic Aura buff on first use. However, subsequent uses lack any buff, and may involve an ailment. You can experiment with a second tier team on your first hit, or first few hits. But when you use your best mono team for the first time, bring your best battle items and make it count!

Mythic Titan Leaderboard

Three leaderboards are provided for the event:
  • Highest Single Hit by an Individual: this leaderboard ranks the best single mythic titan battle scores. Each player can only appear one time on this board. So, even if you have the top 3 scores, you only get credit for your best score. So, you will try to rank high by scoring high in at least one round.
  • Highest Total Damage by an Individual This is the sum of all your mythic titan battle scores. This is an individual player ranking.
  • Top Alliances: This is a ranking of all the mythic titan battle scores for all of the players in an alliance. Like alliance wars, the failure to use battle flags will hurt the alliance, so you should 

Prizes in Mythic Titans Event

The loot awarded is expected to be comparable to other challenge events, but awarded on each of the three different types of competition rankings:
  • Top individual attacks.
  • Top individual total scores.
  • Alliance ranking.

Mythic Titans in the Event

Alliances will battle special titans known as mythic titans in the event.  Each mythic titan has different unique offensive and defensive special skills.  The new mythic titans that are known so far include:


Gilgamesh Mythic Titan

Gilgamesh Special Skill: Wrath of the Ancient

  • Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
  • Weakens all Dark shields on the board. Weakened shields have -50% attack.
  • Battle Item Interference: The Mythic Titan interferes with 1 random Battle Item every 3 turns.
  • Passive Skills: Resist Mana Ailments: This enemy has innate resistance against status ailments that affect mana generation. Also applies to status ailments that block mana or steal mana.
This is a powerful special skill due to the ailment placed on all the purple / dark shields on the board.  

Strategies against Gilgamesh:

Two strategies to use when facing Gilgamesh include:
  • Stack Purple Heroes: Bring purple heroes, but also bring time stops to make sure Gilgamesh cannot fire his special skill and weaken purple tiles.
  • Norns Plus Yellow Stack: Bring yellow heroes, but only if you have Norns. Bring mana pots to fire Norns and make Gilgamesh weak against yellow.


Hades is a purple / dark titan. So bring your yellow / holy heroes to battle, to gain the advantage of the double damage for the strong color normal attacks.

Hades Empires & Puzzles Mythic Titan

Hades Special Skill: 

  • Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
  • Weakens all yellow / holy shields on the board. Weakened shields have -50% attack.
  • Passive Skill: The enemy's (the titan's) normal attack cannot be delayed.
This is a powerful special skill due to the ailment placed on all the holy / yellow shields on the board. 

Strategy Tips: 
  • Bring a hero who buffs the yellow shields on the board to counter Hades' debuff. But at present time no heroes have this special skill!
  • If you stack yellow heroes, also bring time stops or a mana controlling heroes to prevent Hades' special skill from firing.

Baba Yaga:


Ilfrit is a red / fire titan. So bring your blue / Ice heroes to battle, to gain the advantage of the double damage for the strong color normal attacks.

Ifrit Mythic Titan

Ifrit Special Skill: 

  • Deals 150% damage to all enemies.
  • Weakens all blue shields on the board. Weakened shields have -50% attack.
  • Passive Skill: Resist Mana Ailments.
This is a powerful special skill due to the ailment placed on all the blue / ice shields on the board. 

Strategy Tip: 
  • Bring a hero who buffs the blue shields on the board to counter Ilfrit's debuff, such as Jott!

Mythic Titans Begins

The first of the Mythic Titans events began December 28, 2020. Come back to find any new developments regarding the event.

Alliance Switching Prohibited

Players can only participate in the Mythic Titans event with one alliance. This means you cannot switch during the event and participate with the new alliance. In fact, switching alliances will mean you cannot get event loot from either alliance - the old one or the one you switched to. In other words, you can only contribute to the event alliance score of the alliance you were with when the event begins. If you go to a new alliance during the event, your score will not contribute to the alliance score of any alliance you join. In effect, merc-ing is prohibited. This change was implemented to prevent an alliance-stuffing exploit of the scoring mechanism. 

Your personal scores remain, and you can still qualify for the individual leaderboards and loot, even if you switch alliances. 

Titanium Shield Trick Eliminated in Anticipation of This New Event

Titanium shields are a titan battle item that can be crafted in the Hunter's Lodge. The old titanium shield hack was very useful in generating MASSIVE titan hits. The way it worked was you would just use three 1* heroes as your titan attack team. Then would use titanium shields, and would generate titan hits over 100k for 13* or 14* titans. The hits were in the 70k-100k range for 11* and 12* titans.  You could score even higher using the Muggy-Gunnar trick.  In a titan challenge event, however, this could have provided an unfair advantage for some teams, and also minimized the skill needed to run up huge points. 

So titanium shields were rebalanced, i.e. nerfed, in June 2020 in anticipation of the new Mythic Titans event. 

The New Titanium Shields 

The current titanium shields provide the damage amounts that actually DECREASE for lower level heroes:

1* 20% damage
2* 40% damage
3* 60% damage
4* 80% damage
5* 100% damage

Best Titanium Shield Strategy for Mythic Titans, or any Titans

You still can get titan scores of 30,000-50,000 on higher level titans using a revised titanium shield trick or hack.

1. Bring 3 un-leveled 5* heroes.  The best heroes to bring would have a low defense stat, like Azlar or Horghall.
2.  Apply titanium shields
3.  Avoid "stunning" the titan.


Anonymous said…
Telly, I’m in a mid-level alliance, that’s usually around 300-700 in the rankings. We’ve made mythic titans mandatory and require a minimum score in our alliance. Do you think we should make it optional, given that the rewards are so small and the cost in terms of materials & the peer pressure purchase or so high?
Telly said…
@Anonymous: For a mid-level alliance like yours, there really is no gain from spending in-game materials or real $ on it. The prizes are terrible for the investment required. Unless you are going for the bragging rights of top 10 or top 100 really make it optional and your members will be a lot happier in the alliance, and less likely to leave.
Anonymous said…
Hey Telly!

Amazing resource on the Mythic Titans!

Noticed that under Ifrit, it says "holy / Yellow shields". I believe you meant "ice / blue shields".

Keep up the great work!
Telly said…
Good catch. Corrected!
Aqila said…
It looks like Hades passive skill has changed to damage received reductión when any of your héroes increases attack to a máximum of 50%, I don't know if they are going to keep changing mythic Titans abilities.
I completely agree with not spending any Battle items, i tried hard first mythic titán and realized It was unrewarding after reading your blog, thanks a lot for your advices and revises, really helpful. Now i only use arrows, not even minor potions and play hard against alliance Titans