July 2021 Event and Quest Calendar for Empires & Puzzles

This is schedule of the events and major quests for July 2021 in the Empires & Puzzles game.  For the quests, I have listed the major quests where you can get unfarmable ascension items, whether Aethers or traditional ascension materials.  I

New Game Strategy and Summon Portal Grades for July

July is strategy change month for savvy E&P players. It's discussed more in the Limit Breakers article. The short story is that you can expect a tsunami of overpowered heroes and costumes soon, so most 5* heroes you summon now will probably be outdated by next Fall. The easy solution to this problem in the game is:

DON'T Do ANY Hero SUMMONS in July! I can't be more direct than that. 

If you absolutely feel you must spend in July, the only portal worth anything will be the Ninja Troop portal. Powering up troops can still be a good strategy.

June 1  Devana is introduced as the July 2021 HOTM. She is a yellow / holy hero. See the full Devana Review.

July1 - July 19 Sand Empire continues from June (Summer Event).

July 1-3   Masquerade Costume Event. Generally speaking, this event often is the best for summoning heroes. However, with the new Limit Breakers and upcoming overpowered new heroes, even this portal has been downgraded. Summon Portal Rating: C+ (downgraded for July).

July 3  Major Quest Expected (i.e. Mount Umber, Farholme Pass, Shrikewood, Shiloh, Frostmarch etc. ) (appx. date).

July 4-6  Valhalla Forever Summons Event with Season 3 Valhalla heroes, including a handful that are considered the best in game, such as Frigg, Odin, Bera and Alfrike. Summon Portal Rating: C.

July 5 - Aug. 24   Path of Valor begins Valor Pass Rating: B; Enhanced Valor Pass Rating: F. 

July 8 - 11  Knights of Avalon Challenge Event. Play the event, but do not summon any heroes in the portal for the best strategy reasons discussed above. Summon Portal Rating: D 

July 12-14  Mythic Titan event. ADVICE: this event is fun to play but has awful prizes. Recommendation: have fun, but don't use a lot of expensive battle items and don't buy the event "offer."  It does practically nothing to advance in the game. Have fun, but don't push to rank high, especially if your alliance can't make the top 10. Offer Rating: F.  Prize Value: F.

July 13  Major Quest Expected (i.e. Mount Umber, Farholme Pass, Shrikewood, Shiloh, Frostmarch etc.) (appx. date).

July 15-18  Voyagers of the Underwild event. This will include one new event hero. Summon Portal Rating: D (downgraded for July).

June 20  Mirages of Omega - the new limit breaker event where you can get Aethers for use in limit breaking heroes (appx. date).

July 21-25  Ninja Tower Event. Hero Summon Portal Rating: C+ (downgraded for July). Troop Portal Rating: A.

July 23  Major Quest Expected (appx. date).

July 26-28  Atlantis Rises. Summon portal features mostly outdated 5* heroes. Some of the 4* heroes can be good though if you do not have them already, like Proteus and Wilbur.  Summon Portal Rating: F.

July 29-31  Second Masquerade Costume Event. Summon Portal Rating: C+.


Anonymous said…
Thank you, Telly, for your clear and honest assessment.
Can we expect new troops coming with the new tower of magic event, according to you?
Will this change the rating of troop portal?
Anonymous said…
Hmm…relatively new to the game so I may not be understanding this correctly, but in my mind the portal grades should in theory all be relative to each other so half would have to be C and above and half would have to be C and below. So if all these summon portals are terrible, which are the good ones???
Telly said…
@Anonymous: Unfortunately, a lot of the hero portals just are not worth it anymore, now that stat inflation has made them comparatively weak. In addition, the influx of new and vastly more powerful heroes coming very soon, after Summer, also is a further factor making the current batch of hero portals less desirable. All that is explained in more detail in the limit breakers article. So, that is why most of the portals that currently exist should properly be rated below "C". I'm not going to inflate a portal grade to look more desirable than it should, just to create an artificial balance of some above "C" and some below.
Telly said…
@Anaonymous: If there is a new troop portal in the Fall, I expect it will be about on par with the Ninja troop portal, but we'll se.
Anonymous said…
Hi Telly, first of all, great site and work! It’s a pleasure to read your articles.

Can you give me an advice? I play the game about one year and have 14x 5 star heros and some good 4 star. Some with costumes. Do you think it’s worth to limitbreak them, or should I wait and save the resources?

Would you also save the coins for free summons?

Greets Ele
Telly said…
@Ele: Nice to see you! Having 14 5*s after one year is good progress. To answer your question, the decision on limit breaking really depends on which heroes you have. Generally speaking, most people are being very very selective, since the aethers are hard to come by. Personally, I have not limit broken any yet. If you have a hero you are sure you will use for a long time on attack and defense, then you might consider limit breaking it now.

As for coins for free summons: My recommendation on delaying gem hero pulls really is more for paid gems. As for free coins, I always advise people to have fun, since after all it's a game. Personally, I'm patient enough to wait until Fall for most of my pulls. The Sand Empire event is terrible, and if you are patient, I'd save those coins for the Halloween event, which has some very good heroes. Same with Atlantis, for sure, since costumes will be coming out later this year for Atlantis (unless there is a featured hero you've been wanting a lot, then why not try).
Anonymous said…
Hi Telly, thanks for your detailed answer :) I’m also patient enough :) especially the chance to get the costume for Yunan is really small, I got him last year. He was one of my first 5 star heros. As the opponent only have one limit broken hero I think they are also defeatable.

Black Knight was one I want to have, For him I saved a lot of coins :D but at moment I think I will wait to the fall and the new heros.

My 5 star are Athena, King Arthus, Uraeus, Bai Yeong, Yunan, Mother North, Sartana, Quintus with costume, isarnia with costume, Richard with costume, Thorne with costume, Elradir, Elkanen, Horghall unfortunately no red hero und also no red 4 star troop ^^

I hope I‘ve written the names correct, cause I play in German and I’m not sure if they are correct.

Greets Ele