July 2020 Event and Quest Calendar for Empires & Puzzles

Here is the schedule of the events and quests for July 2020 in Empires & Puzzles.  For the quests, I have listed the major quests where you can get unfarmable ascension items.  I'll update this calendar if any new events worth mentioning pop up in the game.
(This calendar has been updated to reflect the delayed start of the Sand Empire event, and the early appearance of the Shiloh Desert quest.)

July 1 - 12 Sand Empire (continuation from June - last chance to get Sand Empire heroes until next year).
July 1 - 20  Path of Valor III (Continued from June)
July 2 - 4 Atlantis Rising (Drake Fong (Holy-Yellow), Ariel (Blue-Ice), Mok-Arr (Purple-Dark), Miki (Blue-Ice)
July 6  Farholme Pass 1 (Tome of Tactics)
July 9 - 12 Knights of Avalon (featuring Black Knight and Guinevere)
July 13 Shiloh Desert (Poison Darts) 
July 16-19  Tavern Of Legends
July 20- 22 The Masquerade Costume Event (With Magni Costume, if lucky!)
July 23 - 26 Valhalla Event
July 24 - Morlovia  (Royal Tabbard) 
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The new event calendar schedule starting with Release 30 of Empires and Puzzles in June 2020 tentatively is set as follows, using UTC times:
  • First Thursday of the month: Atlantis Rises (Thursday through Saturday )
  • Second Thursday of the month: Challenge event (Thursday 7 am - Monday 7 am )
  • Third Monday of the Month: Masquerade event - Costume Chamber (Monday 7 am - Thursday 7 am)
  • Third Thursday of the month - Tavern of Legends (Thursday 7 am - Monday 7 am)
  • Fourth Thursday of the month - Valhala Summons (Thursday 7 am - Monday 7 am)