Hero Academy in Empires & Puzzles - UPDATED Guide - Review - Tips

This review of the new Empires and Puzzles Hero Academy is not just a guide, but also gives the best tips, tricks and strategies for operating the Hero Academy once you've built it.  Read down to the second half to answer the questions:  
  • What is the best strategy for using the Hero Academy?  
  • Should I bother building or leveling up the Hero Academy?
After all it takes a massive amount of food and other resources to build and level up it up in Empires & Puzzles. Here's what you will need in order to get the Hero Academy all the way to Level 10:
Hero Academy Building Empires and Puzzles
  • Iron Storage: 3 Level 10 Advanced Iron Storage.
  • Food Storage: 3 Level 10 Advanced Food Storage.
  • Houses: Enough housing capacity for 300 recruits.
  • Stronghold: Level 25 Stronghold.
  • Hero Academy: Level 10 plus Research Costs in food.
The amount of time and iron & food it will take to level up all those buildings is enormous.  It will vary depending on what level you are at already, but by some calculations it is anywhere from 6 months for upper level players to 1 1/2 years - 2 years for lower level players.  

So, is it really worth the time and resources to level up the Hero Academy?  Read on...

Hero Academy Upgrade Guide and Level Research Costs

For each level of the Hero Academy, there are two costs:  
  • Iron to upgrade to the level
  • Food to research the ability
This does not include the resources required to actually run hero generation at the level.  

LevelAbilityUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeResearch CostResearch Time
1Train COMMON Heroes2610k Iron10s514k Food1h 0m
2Train COMMON Troops2629k Iron1d 8h716k Food1d 0h
3Train UNCOMMON Heroes2644k Iron2d 0h978k Food1h 0m
4Train UNCOMMON Troops2659k Iron2d 22h1277k Food1d 0h
5Train RARE Heroes2671k Iron4d 2h1459k Food1d 0h
6Train RARE Troops2686k Iron5d13h1923k Food1d 0h
7Train Trainer Heroes2700k Iron7d 9h2225k Food1d 0h
8Train EPIC Heroes2715k Iron9d 6h2927k Food1d 0h
9Retrain your EPIC Troops2729k Iron11d 0h3287k Food7d 0h
10Retrain your LEGENDARY Heroes2748k Iron12d 13h3311k Food14d 0h

Thanks to Zephyr for gathering and creating the charts data originally.

Here is a graphic of the data for building the Hero Academy, thanks to @Zartanis:

Hero Academy Level Up Costs Graphic

Hero Academy Levels - Operation and Training Ability Costs

Once you have fully leveled your Hero Academy, and also did the research on the levels you want to use, then there is even more time and cost to doing each training you want.  
LevelTrainingFood/Iron      Recruits
Materials / Troops
1Train COMMON Heroes5000 FoodRecruit
2x Practice Sword, 2x Training Manual
2Train COMMON Troops50.8k Iron50 Recruits3x Dagger9h
3Train UNCOMMON Heroes11k Food8 Recruits3x Strong Rope1m
4Train UNCOMMON 2* Troops103k Iron 100 Recruits5x Arcane Scripts21h
5Train RARE Heroes100k Food30 Recruits1x Battle Manual, 1x Chainmail Shirt9h
6Train RARE 3* Troops151k Iron150 Recruits5x Tall Boots, 5x Scabbard2d 12h
Train Trainer Heroes
(Chance of
1*, 2*, 3*, 4*)
4.5k Food30 Recruits5x Wooden Shield,
5x Leather Armor,
5x Sharpening Stone
8Train EPIC Heroes200k Food100 Recruits
3x Battle Manual, 3x Tall Boots,
3x Chainmail Shirt, 3x Scabbard
2d 12h
9 Retrain EPIC 4* Troops1203k Iron200 Recruits1x 4* Troop7d
10Retrain one LEGENDARY 5* Hero1288k Food300 Recruits1x 5* Hero7d

Here is a graphic version of the data for trainings in the Hero Academy, thanks to @Zartanis:

Hero Academy Training Guide Graphic

Running 2 Trainings At the Same Time

Once you level up to level 2, and research level 2, the ability to do 2 simultaneous levels of trainings is unlocked.

Exception: Levels 9 and 10

  • You cannot queue up multiple training at levels 9 and 10.  
  • You cannot cancel a training on level 9 or 10 once it is started.  BE CAREFUL!

List of Rare 5* Legendary Heroes Available in the Hero Academy at Level 10

Level 10 of the Hero Academy is very expensive to operate in terms resources, and time consuming, and for most players is a complete fail.  Yes, you can retrain your duplicate Legendary 5* heroes.  However, the likelihood of getting one of the desirable rare heroes is miniscule.  In fact, the odds are 95% that you will wind up with a Season 1 hero, which you could just as easily pull from a level 20 training camp (TC20).  In addition, if you retrain a HOTM or Valhalla Season 3 Hero or event 5*, you could also trade way down and wind up with a Season 1 hero, like Horghall or Khagan. So BEWARE!  You'll have only a 5% chance of getting one of the rarer 5* heroes, like an HOTM or event hero.

Here are the rare 5* legendaries that currently are in that 5% chance.  
  • Aegir
  • Aeron
  • Alasie
  • Alberich
  • Alice
  • Anzogh
  • Ares
  • Ariel
  • Athena
  • Atomos
  • Boss Wolf
  • Captain Kestrel
  • Delilah
  • Drake Fong
  • Evelyn
  • Frida
  • Gravemaker
  • Gregorian
  • Guardian Kong
  • Guardian Owl
  • Guardian Panther
  • Guinevere
  • Hel
  • Inari
  • Kageburado
  • Khiona
  • King Arthur
  • Kunchen
  • Lady Locke
  • Margaret
  • Misandra
  • Mitsuko
  • Mok-Arr
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Musashi
  • Natalya
  • Onatel
  • Perseus
  • Poseidon
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Red Hood
  • Rumpelstitlskin
  • Sargasso
  • Tarlak
  • The Hatter
  • Thoth-Amun
  • Ursena
  • Zeline
  • Zimkitha

What is the Hero Academy Really Good For?

Here is the best strategy for using the Hero Academy.  

As background, the Hero Academy first was announced in December 2018, and finally was released in 16 June 2020, with the release of Version 30 of the Empires & Puzzles app.  After such a long anticipation, many people were outright disappointed with it.  Even the developers of Small Giant Games recognized that it failed to achieve hero-for-hero trading that was widely desired, and believed to be the original purpose of the building.  That said, what is it really good for?

Personally, due to the heavy cost, and uninspiring pay-off, I really have not decided if I will level up the Hero Academy. (UPDATE: I have leveled up to level 6 only.) Level 10 - which is retraining of extra 5* heroes seems unappealing to me, and I likely will not level up that far.  (UPDATE: NEVER)  Level 10 is extremely expensive to use - requiring over 1 million food each time you use it. That huge amount of food is better spent on other things, like leveling up troops and heroes. All you get with Level 10 is a tiny % chance of getting a 5* hero, and most of them are awful - like uncostumed Season 1 heroes. If you like being frustrated over and over, go for it! For everyone else, forget about Level 10.

However, the best use I can identify is the iron storage and 3* rare troop training hack.  Even then, I have doubts about whether it is worthwhile, but for some people it may be.  

In addition for free to play (FTP) Empires & Puzzles players, the Hero Academy might be good, even to level 10 as a chance to get more rare 5* heroes.  However, for most players, by the time they have played the appx. 2 years necessary to level up the Hero Academy, they probably already have a good assortment of Legendary 5* heroes and HA adds nothing for them.

The Iron Storage Trick and Rare 3* Troop Training Strategy

Level 6 of the Hero Academy lets you train RARE 3* troops.  Those are pretty difficult to come by, as the only other way to get them is through the 10% chance provided by Epic Troop Summons, or the 1.7% chance provided by the Daily Summon.  You can use gems or Epic Troop Tokens (EHT) in the Epic Troop summons to speed things up, and many top players do who are PTP / PTW.  

Here is how the trick / strategy works:
  • First, level up your Hero Academy to level 6
  • Research Level 6
  • Use 151k iron and 150 recruits to start training a 3* troop.  Then, add more iron and recruits to train more 3* troops.  Then, every 2 1/2 days, you'll get another 3* troop.  
The benefit of this strategy is you can store any extra recruits and iron, and then every 2 1/2 days get a 3* troop.  You can add more and more training, so in effect, you are storing excess iron and recruits.  Personally, I use a lot of iron to craft battle items to use in tournaments, so never have much extra.  For someone who is trying to rank in tournaments, this likely is not a viable strategy.  But, with everything there are trade-offs.

This trick also can be used with Level 4 of the Hero Academy, but you are only training 2* Uncommon troops.

Training Common 1* Heroes

Another strategy for using the Hero Academy is training Common 1* heroes.  You can use the common 1* heroes as feeders for leveling up 3, 4 or 5 star heroes.  The Hero Academy produces them in level 1, and you can make one 1* common feeder hero a minute.  Essentially the Hero Academy becomes another TC19.  It's a little cheaper in food 5000 food vs. 5500 food for TC19.  However, that still is a high food cost.  Also a little cheaper in recruits, with 2 recruits required in TC19 and just 1 required by HA1.  On balance, I would not build the Hero Academy just for this strategy alone, since it is not a big improvement on TC19.  But, if you do build it and are not using the slots for anything else, go for it!

Is the Hero Academy Really Worth It?

Whether the Hero Academy adds much to your Empires & Puzzles power really depends on your style of play.  I think it has some appeal for totally free (ftp) players.  For everyone else, probably not, in general.  The best use if you are going to go through the time and expense of leveling it up is to focus on Level 6 and use it to get 3* RARE troops using the hack / strategies found above.

What do you think?  Is the Hero Academy worth building to you? Or is it disappointing?


You refer to TC11 costing 5500 Food, thats actually TC19.
Telly said…
@Timothy Good catch. Fixed it. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
It is also better than TC 19 because it only uses one recruit.
Telly said…
Yes, that's a good point - 2 recruits needed in TC19 vs. 1 in HA1. I've updated the article to include that.

I've never found recruits to be a choke point though, with thousands stored already in TC20 and TC11 that never will find a use!
Boris said…
Lol RARE fighters take 9 HOURS not minutes...
Telly said…
Indeed, Boris. Well maybe 9 minutes was wishful thinking, but good catch. Fixed it.
Anonymous said…
With a 5% chance of getting a non-TC20 hero and a 14-day waiting time for one turn around, that would mean that you'd need to do this, on average, 20 times to get one non-TC 20 hero. That's 14 x 20 days = 280 days so about 9 months. FOR ONE NON TC20 HERO on average after you've waited however long just to get to Level 10. And there's no guarantee it's a great hero. There are some duds with those to be certain. So think about this, about 12-24 months of your resources for this game will be dedicated to getting one non-TC20 hero going this route. Think about all the other places you could use that food and iron and recruits.

Another thing that needs to be considered is that you also need to be able to feed 20 of your own 5* heroes in these 280 days on average. Many of us don't have 20 5* heroes that are no good just lying around as feeders. If we did, we'd probably have a whole lot of heroes in general and really don't need to convert bad ones because we already have 4 Gravemakers and 3 Ursenas, etc.. And there's nothing wrong with having a deep bench. It's just that if you do, you probably don't need these heroes much. I will not invest in this. And I won't upgrade my buildings until SG delivers on a building that really is worth these outrageous food and iron costs. Again the cost of iron and food to upgrade most buildings has very little value in and of itself.
Anonymous said…
On second thought though, you wouldn't need 20 5* heroes because you could feed the same bad heroes you got from your last attempt again. I don't know how many you'd need on average. If they were really terrible heroes you were feeding you might choose to keep a new hero you got every 2-4 times. So maybe you'd only need 5-10 of them to feed. Still, not great.
Telly said…
I hear ya. The retraining of 5^ heroes at level 10 of the HA really is not very attractive to most mid- and upper level players. Those are the players who have HA10 in the first place. After all, with all the iron/food/time/buildings required to get up to HA10, you have to be a 1.5-2 year player anyway.

One thing about your analysis...I think it is a 7 day training time, not 14 days for level 10. Even with that change, I don't think it changes your analysis much or the conclusion you've drawn.

However, I think a lot of players still are building up to HA10. Some people in my alliance feel it's just another way to get 5* heroes, so why not add it in to their arsenal, goes the thinking.
Anonymous said…
I've been playing for over 2 years now and I'm looking forward to get a chance to get rid of my extra 5* that will never ever get any food.
And yes, I will most likely get rid of a boring Marjana (why do my tc20 always give me that hero? She is so useless when I have Gravemaker!!!) and end up with a sloooooow Isarnia (which will also end in the Academy eventually), but I'll prefer that instead of just eating a 5*. At least there is a small chance of getting something better.
Yes, it cost a lot, but my buildings were mostly maxed anyway so I had little use of iron and I was beginning to have to much food (actually I made 2000 tc19's to getridof my food and it took forever to feed them to the heroes)
Telly said…
Holy cow ... 2000 TC19's! Are you BS-ing me? Believe it or not, I never got Marjana, but have 5 Sartanas. Trade?
Anonymous said…
I don’t keep to level doubles of any hero, so this works for me. I have extras like Richard and Elkanen who will be great to trade in. When you have a HA-10, you can afford to have one of these cooking all the time and maybe get lucky enough to pull a superhero.
Lady Athena said…
That's how a lot of the bros in my alliance are thinking about it. Build the thing and then take a roll on HA10 once a month to see if you get something worth it out of it. I don't know though. It seems like a lot of iron to get it up to that level, for not much pay back.
Anonymous said…
When an epic 4* troop level 2 upwards is retrained does it loose the level and go back to 1. This could be good for converting all the non-mana troops to mana troops. Thanks in advance.
Anonymous said…
I've been reading the comments, and some of you complaining about the cost and if it's worth building. Am I missing something? You not spending money to get it. Food and iron always regenerate. And who knows, a future update can make the academy better. I wasnt big on alchemy lab, but I built it anyway. Next thing you know, a future update made it worth it. Personally, I'm looking forward to HA10. I need to retrain some 5 star hero duplicates that will never get fed. And im glad I didnt feed them to another hero
Telly said…
That seems to be the majority view in my alliance as well. That it is not the greatest, but also can give some value. I don't know if I personally will build it up to level 10, and if I do it will take a while, as I'm building up alchemy lab to level 6 first. I've got enough great 5* heroes at this point in the game that the value of HA10 for me is pretty low. It may give me a small chance of getting a hero I don't have, but whether it would add good value to any of my teams is a different story. Even then with all the new Valhalla heroes that further reduces the value of HA10 for me. Anyways, a lot of people disagree with that value and like rolling for the possible good hit on level 10.
Unknown said…
Hero Academy is definitely worth it. It's gem-free, cheap way of constantly getting rare 5*'s.

I see no reason not to run it perpetually.
Apollo's Empire said…
I'm personally loving the HA6 TIP/TRICK you've paid out. I was neglectful of my troops in general at the beginning of my playing to the point that I'm only holding 2 lvl 23 Mana troops and I'm approx 3 years into game (or is it 2 years lol). Point being if I had known then what I know now, I'd have 5 lvl 29 Mana troops at least. RN, I have my other Mana troops stuck at 21, 21, and 17 (got my only ice Mana troop about 18 months into the game) my ice crit is @21 and done there for now as I continue to move up the Mana ice troop. As a C2P it's definitely not easy moving troops up while trying to maintain everything else that requires food. This will be the most beneficial part of HA to me atm. Do I understand correctly that I can run multiple HA6's while simultaneously continuing to level up HA to 10 if I so desire? That's what I will do if so allowed... Thanks! Great forum btw!
Telly said…
Unfortunately, no, you can't level up the building while you have an active run going. I haven't tried it personally, and will once I finish up a level research. Will update if anything changes.
Unknown said…
If I retrain a 4* troop does it loose its level? I leveled up crit 4* instead of mana like a noob lol
Anonymous said…
Personally I’ve been running constant trainer heroes in this thing s once I got the building to 10 and I’m loving it. I’m still leveling for storage so the I can use Level 10 but my plan is to have the 5* retrain abs the trainer heroes running non stop. I think I’ll get more use out of the trainer heroes but there’s a small chance I could get a good 5*!
Telly said…
@Unknown, unfortunately yes you lose the level as far as I've heard. Never tried it myself.
Telly said…
A lot of people are running trainers. It's another viable strategy for the Hero Academy. Personally my TC2 / TC19 churn out all the feeders I need, so there's no point to cranking out trainers. But I would if I ever run down the 10000s of backed up feeders I have. For now, I've been doing the HA6 strategy for troops and occasionally HA1 if I want quick 1* feeders. Once I have the food storage fully leveled, I'll run HA10 once in a while, but still feel it's a waste of a lot of food etc. A lot of my alliance mates are convinced HA10 is worht it. We'll see.
Anonymous said…
I personally think the HA10 is worth it. Tons of food and iron to waste anyway when almost all your building are maxed out. Also I have 4 Isarnia, 3 Sartana, 4-5 Leonidas, 3 azlar.. and 3-4 other duplicate hero.. I even level 3 Isarnia to 80.. when I have nothing else to do!

This is what happen when you play this game for 2 years..!
JD said…
Used level 10 to recycle an extra Leonidas. I got Elena which I already had so I threw her back and got Richard, which I already have 2 of. Threw him back and got Perseus. Didn't have him so its a keeper. Took 3 weeks though...

I have one Richard maxed out and one at 3.70, not sure if I want to throw the 3.70 as I will probable never max that one out.
Telly said…
@JD Nice, congratulations on that Perseus. The odds are pretty low on HA10, so you're way ahead now. Regarding your 3/70 Richard, personally I would not throw him into HA10, since even at 3/70 he could have some use, unless you have so many heroes.
Anonymous said…
I have HA level 10 but not researched yet as I am confused with amount of food required at 3311k. I have 3 advanced food storage and level 20 normal. Nearly finished last 2 advanced storage to level 10 but doing the maths I can only store 3308k, not enough by 3k. Am I missing something?
Telly said…
Add in the 10k food storage in the Stronghold and you get over the 3311k research cost. It's correct that the fully levelled food storage buildings (3 advanced, 1 normal) add up to 3308k food capacity. The Stronghold at level 25 adds 10k food, for a total food capacity of 3318k. Click on your food icon bar, and that's what you should find.
KainZow said…
My last posted question locked up and froze.

I have HA Level 8. I have 6 & 7 available. I thought I was going to be running 6 & 7 all the time. However, I only have 300 of each. Will the game give me more? Or will I have to grind levels to get those items? If I have to grind anyone know where the best spots are for these?
Unknown said…
Hi Telly,

Loving the articles. You said you have 10,000 feeders stored. Where do you keep them? uncollected in the TC? I always run out of backpacks and usually regenerate at atlantis. How do you keep this going, are you constantly farming season 1 for packs?
Telly said…
@Kainzow, I'm not sure of what you are asking, but I think you are saying you are short on the ingredients needed for HA6 and 7, and are wondering where you can farm them. The Bary Farmz spreadsheet is helpful in finding good farming locations. You can find the spreadsheet here.
Telly said…
@Unknown:Good question about feeders. Yes, the TCs are where you store them. Mine are mostly in TC11 and TC2. As for backpacks, if you farm Atlantis each time (1-9 is great, or any level 1) it comes around you should be able to keep enough backpacks to keep TC2 running all the time. Also farm 5-8 between Atlantis events for backpacks and use the Omnia Harvesters you get from Path of Valor.
Unknown said…
I usually run one at TC19 and have 45 worth training and use for recruits/food.
I then run the other 3 at TC 2 for a week after atlantis, then switch over to mono color for a couple weeks until out of packs/swords. I use TC11 for the week leading to atlantis.

How do you run your 4 TC?
I have been farming 5-8 today and it works nicely. Thanks
Telly said…
Training centers, I run TC2, TC11 and TC20 continuously. TC2 and TC11 in order to make feeders. TC20 in order to store food for later use. If it wasn't for food storage, I would not run TC20, since I have all the Season 1 5*, and am not looking for any more at this point. For the fourth TC, usually I'm running it as TC11 to generate low cost feeders; once in a while I'll run it as TC1 to burn up some excess recruits and generate quick 1* feeders.
EnP said…
Is it possible to get Ninja troops from HA9? Or only Mana and Critical troops?

Telly said…
You can only get Ninja troops from the Ninja troop portal that appears during the Ninja Tower event.
EnP said…
Thanks Telly. Appreciate it.
Anonymous said…
Hi, is possible get 4* Heroes of season 2 like Wilbur or proteus?
Thanks, Ricardo
Telly said…
Not at this time. The only place to get Wilbur or Proteus would be the Atlantis Rising portal.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, its kind frustation all the Simmons gets 3* Heroes and without coins its very hard get summons on Heroes of 2 and 3 season. They could improve these building to get 4* Heroes of these seasons. The ONLY way is speending gems...
nicolas said…
I've been Lucky enough to Get Frida, Evelyn, Guardián owl and S1 5* héroes I didnt already have, Magni, marjana and Lianna on HA10.
Anonymous said…
I found HA9 really helpful.I have reached a point in the game where I do quite well in war and raids with mono teams. For me, that meant that I wanted to have 5 four star troops of each color. After two and a half years of playing, I only had 2 green 4 star troops. Using HA9, I was able to het get 5 4 star green troops in just a couple of months. I was also able to make sure that each of my troop sets had at least 2 fast mana troops. Telly, I would be interested in an article on Troop strategies.
Anonymous said…
It's been 1 year since I stopped putting money in the game I have a lot of repeated 5 * heroes that I don't like so I'm using the academy a lot. Thanks to her I already got some 5 * heroes that I didn't have but wanted (lianna, Sartana, etc) and I also got a rare one (rumpelstiltskin) in 6 months.
On the other hand, I use the training of 2 * troops since in quantity they give more experience than 3 * troops (due to the time it takes for the latter).
I sincerely recommend the academy to improve the troops and incidentally allows you to become a rare hero from time to time.
Anonymous said…
Hero Academy is really useful in getting trainer heroes (HA 7). You get one every 9hours (around 2-3 per day). I am running this together with either HA 5 (rare heroes) or HA 6 (rare troops). The good thing is that you can run 2 trainings simultaneously (this works up to level 8, because at 9 & 10 only single trainings).
Unknown said…
I run HA6 with about 290 days worth of 3* troops, as well as HA10. With about 40 5* S1 doubles its the only thing they're good for. Even if they're doubles or triples I've been playing for 3+ years and never fed a 5*. Can't bring myself to do it.
Anonymous said…
I run Trainer Heroes and HA10 constantly as TC20 has given me season 1 feeders galore. With the odds at 5% to get something other than another season 1 hero it has the event and HotM odds beat by a mile. And HA10 is the only other way to get old HotMs you missed except for Tavern of Legends where HA10 costs virtually nothing. I wish they would let you stack recruits and food like TC20 does so I can just pull whatever is trained and don't have to make sure I have enough recruits and food ready (and 5 star feeder) for the next session. HA10 gave me Lianna, Richard and Elena that I did not have so that was awesome.
Aki said…
actually, i have only 2 5* heroes S1 from TC20 in 2 1/2 years. never draw a 5*. not even a regular one. use about 30 000 gems (more or less) in this 2 years. and 4 x TC20 training non stop. my 2 heroes are Isarnia and Justice. in rest, only 4* and 3* heroes.
so, for me, HA10 is a no go.
Anonymous said…
I have used the level 10 31 times now and I have only received TC20 heroes. Is it the worst streak?
Telly said…
@Anonymous: Sorry to hear that, but it's typical. I heard of someone who has done 38 runs, and got only 37 Season 1 heroes and one mediocre event hero he already had. The stories you hear of people who've gotten lots of event heroes they didn't have are the statistical outliers, but fun to hear and imagine it could be you!
nicolas said…
I think it`s a great tool for F2P y C2P. The tavern event gives you 2 free summons with 1% chance every two months, that's 12 free summons per year. The academy gives you 1 "summon" at 5% chance for free per week, that's 52 per year. That is, 12% annual probability of having something in the tavern, or 260% with the academy and now, with the inclusion of costumes in the academy, from 260% annually it went to 494%
Telly said…
@Nicolas: I think you have substantially over-estimated the annual chances of getting anything good out of the top level of the Hero Academy. By the time most F2P get to that level, they've already gotten a lot, if not nearly all, of the 5* Season 1 heroes, both from various free pulls, and TC20s. So, you're putting in a 5* & getting out a 5*. The overwhelming chance is you get another Season 1 hero (no costume). There's just a small chance of getting a "good" non-season 1 5*. So, nearly every time, you're just trading one Season 1 for another. Then, you get a "bonus" draw for a costume, at a 5% chance. And, still, you're putting a lot of Food in, for the chance, which adds up to over 50million food per year. I'm not saying Hero Academy is bad for everyone, but generally speaking, it's very expensive for what you get.
Unknown said…
Can i get an updated list of all possible heros from HA10 incl costumes with the exact win chance please?
Anonymous said…
5% chance of getting a non-season 1 per week means you will have (1-0.95^52)=0.93 or 93% chance getting at least one non-season 1 hero over the course of 52 weeks.
Hank Scorpio said…
I've been a mostly F2P player for about 2.5 years, only spending Google Play credit I earn through a rewards app. To me, HA10 gives me hope of receiving something interesting. I've leveled all of the classics I plan to level and rarely get other event heroes. Even 4*s mostly elude me! I have thousands of days of training backed up in my TC 11s and produce more food than I need most of the time (I'll dip to zero temporarily when I receive a hero worth leveling or need to shift emblems, but then it builds up again). So, to me, the food and recruit cost of running HA10 are not expensive at all. Its not like I'm sacrificing leveling heroes in order to run HA10... because I have no interesting heroes to level!

At a chance just under 10% of getting something interesting (5% non-classic + 5% chance of costume if classic), my HA10 has produced 2 interesting heroes in about 20 runs, c.Thorne and Delilah yesterday, so its following the odds pretty well. During that time, I've only received two non-classic 5*s not using HA10. The HA10 has doubled the number of interesting heroes I've received.

Most importantly for me, its done that at a cost of $0.

Bottom line, I think you overvalue food and recruits for players who are F2P or C2P, particularly the ones who have played the game a long time like myself. Yes, it may cost to "over 50million food per year" to run it, but we have the excess food to use and it gets us interesting 5s at the cost of $0 in the real world. So, I, personally, would highly recommend running HA10 constantly for F2P and C2P players.
Hank Scorpio said…
I think my comment may be redundant with some of those above. Sorry for not reviewing all of the comments and for being repetitive. :)

And thanks for the HA6 "trick" details. The reason I checked out this site was to figure out that trick which I've heard mention of, but never looked into. Unfortunately, I'm not at the point where I have the excess iron to take advantage of it, but should later this year. Again, thanks!
Dickbag said…
Hey there, Telly. Dig the blog, man.

FTPer here with a question.

I've gotten my HA to level 6, and am utilizing the rare troops trick. I've been loading recruits and iron into it from time to time, and have 15 troops in training into it (36+ days).

I've been training Common and Uncommon Heroes and Troops intermittently in the other HA slot. For Heroes I'll load in as many as I can, max out my Hero Capacity, Level Up where I can, lather, rinse, repeat until I'm out of ham. For Troops I'll load in a few here and there and let them come to harvest.

I'm currently working on getting my Advanced House to Lvl 10 (On Lvl 8 now, building Lvl 9) so recruits, while never a real issue before, will be constantly refilling. I have 2 TC11's with over a year loaded into them, a TC20 with over 200 days, and another TC11, this one I keep on a relatively short leash in case I want to flip over to training a specific color.

My question is for that 2nd slot on HA. Will I get better value from training Common Heroes, Uncommon Heroes, or should I be focusing more on troops?
Mike said…
I want to repsectfully disagree on the value of HA10. For a free to play player, this is by far the best source of non-S1 heroes. I'm currently leveling a Gregorion, and an Ursena, with Sartana's costume waiting for when Ursena has finished - all hatched from my HA10.
Anonymous said…
Mike, you're so lucky. Expect to get S1 heroes only for the next couple years after then
The HA is a complete and total failure