Alchemy Lab - Empires and Puzzles Guide and Strategies

Version 2 of the Alchemy Lab in Empires and Puzzles was released in June 2020. Many people think of it as an Alkashard factory. This guide will show you strategies for making the efficient use of the Alchemy Lab, and maximizing rewards.
Alchemy Lab - Empires & Puzzles

Trade 1000 Alkashards for 30 Emblems Every Time, With Small Chance at a 4* Ascension Item

With just 1000 Alkashards in the version 2 of the Alchemy Lab, you can trade them in for 30 emblems (increased from 10 to 30 emblems in October 2020) and / or a chance of getting a 4* ascension item. The transmutations themselves in the Alchemy Lab remain relatively undesirable. So the lifestyle strategy for best utilizing the Alchemy Lab is to think of it as a slow but steady way to get emblems and some unfarmable ascension items. Emblems of course are hard to get, and can seriously increase the power of your heroes. With the introduction of mythic titans, many people also have been using he Alchemy Lab to get scroll of alterations, if they appear in the rewards pop-up.

Alkashards Rewards In the Alchemy Lab

Alkashards are like the frequent flyer points of Empires & Puzzles. The more you use the Alchemy Lab, the more alkashards you collect. Then, when you hit 1000 alkashards, you can "combine" them and get a guaranteed 30 emblems. You can choose between the emblems in two classes.  
Alkashards Rewards Listing
You also have a chance for different 3 star non-farmable ascension items or for titan battle items, and a small chance one of the 3* materials will be a 4* material.  

In summary, you get a choice among six items. You can pick one. The six items are:
  • Ascension Materials:  2 choices of unfarmable 3* Ascension Material (two random options, and you pick one) with a small chance of one 4* Ascension Material being offered. My estimate is that there is somewhere around a 10* chance of one of the materials being a 4*.
  • 30 emblems - choice between two random Classes and you pick one.
  • 5 Titan Battle Items - 2 random options and you pick one.

Best Strategy for Choosing Alkashard Rewards

The best strategy for picking your alkashards rewards from the six choices is:
  1. First choice - grab the 4* non-farmable material if you are lucky enough to be offered one.
  2. Second choice - if you desperately need one of the 3* non-farmable materials, you can take it. However, most people who are at a high enough level to build the alchemy lab have too many of these unused 3* materials anyway.
  3. Third Choice - This is the MOST LIKELY scenario: take the 30 emblems. Choose which class of emblems you want.

Alchemy Lab Upgrade and Recipe Guide

The costs for the alchemy lab are very high, in terms of iron for building and food for researching and unlocking the different recipes. Here is a building, recipes and transmutations chart, thanks to @Lolowsnow and @cap - click for full-sized image:

Alchemy lab transmutation recipes and upgrade levels chart

Best Alchemy Lab Recipes to Use to Get Alkashards Faster and Cheaper

Here are the best, most efficient, Alchemy Lab Recipes to use.  NOTE: Each building level in the Alchemy Lab has two different possible transmutations. Level 6A would be the first one listed for the level, and level 6B would the the second one listed for Level 6.

Level Transmution Food Time Alk Alk / day
1A Transmute COMMON Crafting Materials into different COMMON Crafting materials 4k 1h 2 48
1B Transmute UNCOMMON Crafting Materials from COMMON Crafting Materials 1k 1h 2 48
4B Transmute RARE Crafting Materials from UNCOMMON Crafting Materials 15k 6h 15 60
5B Transmute RARE Battle Items from UNCOMMON Battle Items 30k 12h 30 60
6B Transmute RARE Ascension Materials from UNCOMMON Ascension Materials 45k 15h 41 65.6
Transmute RARE FARMABLE Ascension Materials into different RARE UNFARMABLE Ascension Materials 
* REQUIRES 100 Gems
125k 7d 1050 150

Alchemy Lab Strategies and Recommendations

My basic recommendations are:
  • Collect Alkashards in the most efficient way possible (see strategies below), and then when you have 1000 alkashards, go to the combine portal and get your rewards.
  • Maybe Level 10: If you have built up to Level 10, once in a while make rare unfarmable ascension materials in level 10A, if you need them, and have 100 gems to spare.
  • But Level 10 Is Very Expensive To Build: Personally, I do not recommend building up to Level 10. Maybe up to Level 6, but Level 10 is very expensive in terms of food/iron and time. That's why it is not for me, as the reward is too low in terms of the cost. However, it all depends on how you like to play the game, and for some people, it is a good goal, and produces alkashards very quickly.

Strategies for Most Efficient Collection of Alkashards In The Alchemy Lab

Simultaneous Transmutations - Level 5 Unlocks Two at a Time, Level 10 Unlocks 3 at a time

Once you raise the Alchemy Lab up to level 5, you can run two transmutations at the same time. Once you hit Level 10, you can run three transmutations at the same time. So, for example, if you are over Level 5, you could run transmuations in Level 5B and Level 1B at the same time - in effect getting 1000 alkashards in under 9 days, instead of about 20 days. Then if you get to Level 10, you can run three different transmutations at the same time, substantially reducing the time to get 1000 alkashards.
  • Level 5: Unlocks 2 simultaneous transmutatoins.
  • Level 10: Unlocks 3 simultaneous transmutations.

Farm Recipe 1B and Bank Alkashards. Throw in 6B to Boost Production, but Higher Cost

The strategy is to farm level 1B to continually make alkashards. You will get 48 each day that way, at a relatively low food cost. You can set it up like a TC11 or TC2, and just pack it full of dozens of transmutation and then go away. That lifestyle hack takes all the pressure of the alchemy lab off you. Just ignore it and come back once in a while to collect your alkashards and then go to the reward portal.

I do not recommend that you use gems to "boost" alkashards. It's a poor investment in terms of rewards per gem.

If you want to level up the Alchemy Lab, keep in mind it will take a very long time and be very costly in terms of iron for each level, and food to "research" each transmutation. Level 1 research, however, is fairly reasonable, at 512k food.  
  • Run AL 1B and collect alkashards there.
  • Optionally run AL 6B in addition to 1B. That will produce alkashards more quickly than 1B alone, BUT, it is more expensive, and the time and cost to level up the alchemy lab to those levels can make a waste. Levels 5B and 4B are alternatives to 6B, but not quite as good.
  • Optionally run AL 10A, but again, it is very expensive both to run, and to level up. Not recommended due to costing 100 gems.
On the forum TheEyes posted a great analysis of a version of this Alchemy Lab strategy.

Recipe 10A is both good and bad. Personally I do not recommend using it due to the 100 gem cost. However, its alkashard output is pretty good. 


M. said…
How do I know which level is 1B or 6B? Levels are not marked at all in the game...
Telly said…
Welcome, M. Each building level in Version 2 of the Alchemy Lab has two different possible transmutations. Level 6B would the the second one listed for Level 6.
Anonymous said…
Telly, thanks for the blog and tips, however, I’m with M. My version doesn’t have 1A, 1B etc.. It’s just 10 level straight up.
Anonymous said…
Never mind, I figured it out lol.
Telly said…
No problem. I'm going to put something in about terminology in the text to clear up this confusion.
Anonymous said…
I just did a transmutation and it only had a choice of 10 emblems not 30.
Telly said…
Regarding 10 vs. 30 emblems, there was an update of the game on October 7. If any of the alkashards that you were cashing in were from before October 7, you are only offered 10 emblems. For alkashards after October 7, you will be offered 30 emblems. It's a glitch in the way the update was implemented in the game.
Anonymous said…
After reading another thread, consider the following:

1) Use all common herbs to make minor health pots.
2) Use 10 minor health to do level 2B of alchemy.
3) Keep Axe and Mana Pots, rest input to 5B.

You’ll need something to maintain a second alchemy when no inputs to 5B though. I’ll probably do 4B until I upgrade past level 5.

So while 2B is twice the cost and twice the alkashards (and costs 5k in forge per transmute), you get things valued at 5.16k Iron + 7.62k Ham.
To me, just the mana pots and Axes are worth it (or you can load all into 5B since this will not maintain 5B running).

Now 5B has no input cost and just the 30k transmute costs. And you average 17.4K Iron and 21.2k Ham from the products for 30 alkashards.
Now if you don’t use any of the 3* battle items this doesn’t make sense, but I find them useful.

Think it’s much more useful than just destroying common herbs for alkashards.
Telly said…
That's another interesting approach. Do you run out of feeder 2* battle items for 5B?
Anonymous said…
Yes, you do run out of 5B, so you need an alternate. I’m using 3a to destroy training manuals, though there are a ton of alternatives depending on what you have excess.
David Vacchi said…
Good analysis - thanks! Largely it's a waste of time and effort, but every few months you can transmute the Alkashards - good summary. I'm sure they tweak things all the time, but your food costs are a little off.
Telly said…
@David Vacchi: Thanks. I've been getting one transmutation about every 5 days, running 3 transmutations simultaneously.
Anonymous said…
Hi I would like to ask If I can run 3 transmutations like example 1b , 5b and 6b??
Telly said…
Yes, once you raise the Alchemy Lab to Level 10, you can research & run up to 3 transmutations at the same time.