Frigg Hero Review - Valhalla Season 3 Empires and Puzzles Hero

Frigg is an fun Season 3 / Valhalla hero introduced in August 2020 in the Empires and Puzzles game. You can try to get her through the Valhalla summons, that typically is available on the fourth Thursday of every month, running through Saturday. She's a green - nature Legendary 5*hero. UPDATE: Frigg was hit in the January 2021 balance update. Still, she's a powerful hero, and I will do further testing before changing her grading.
Frigg Valhalla Hero

Frigg's Stats:

  • Element: Nature - Green
  • Mana Speed: Fast
  • Class: Rogue
  • Legendary- 5*
  • Attack: 753
  • Defense: 760
  • HP - Health: 1320

Frigg Special Skill: Brittling Force

  • Deals 100% damage to all enemies.
  • Deals additional 18% damage per each Nature shield on the board, up to 244% damage in total.
  • All enemies get -8% defense, and a further -3% decrease per each Nature shield on the board for 3 turns, totaling up to -44% defense.

Frigg Hero Review - Valhalla Season 3 Hero:

Even though Frigg is very situational in how her special skill is used, she has proven to be one of the best heroes in Empires & Puzzles. Her well-balanced attack, defense and health stats, combined with her situationally devastating special make her a lot of fun to use, and potentially dominant on offense in raids, tournaments and map stages. Counting board shields for special skill enhancement is a new feature of Valhalla heroes, such as with Ratatoskr, Odin (Frigg's husband in Norse mythology) and Jott, each of which increase their firepower depending on the number of their color of shields on the board. 

Frigg's special skill is potentially very powerful if there are a lot of nature shields on the board when you fire her. That is a big uncertainty, however. A lot of the time you cannot wait for the board to mature. After all her special is ready when you have matched and used a lot of the nature shields. So there are not likely to be a lot of nature shields left immediately after the special skill is ready to use. If you need to fire immediately, however, these shield counting special skills, such as Frigg's, are rather weak.

But Frigg's special skill can be devastating when there are over 5 nature shields.

Example of Frigg's Special:

  • 8 nature shields on the board.
  • Deals 244% damage to all enemies, making her special as potent as Ursena's or Mok-Arr's. 
  • In addition, all enemies get -40% defense.
Basically if Frigg fires and there are enough nature shields on the board it is game over.

Frigg's Defense Review:

An initial impression is that Frigg's special is so situational that she would not be very good on defense, since the AI usually cannot time its firing to wait for more nature shields. If the mana is full it fires. So if you face Frigg on defense, you can try to force her to fire when there are no nature shields on board. 

However, in practice, Frigg practically always gets a few green shields when she fires on defense. That makes her special skill cause, at minimum, some damage ailment on the defense. Likewise, her fast mana speed, makes Frigg deceptively potent on defense.  The defense down ailment combined with fast mana and AoE damage make Frigg an outstanding tank or flank on a defense team.

Frigg Strategy Against Titans

Frigg has a reasonably good attack stat, so she is serviceable against blue / ice titans. Her special also can be quite helpful, if used when there are a lot nature shields on the board. The best use of Frigg is to wait for a lot of nature shields, and then use mana pots to fill her to full mana and fire before using the nature shields. You will gain a -44% defense ailment on the titan. Frigg is borderline A+ against titans, but I am giving her an A because her attack power is weak if nature shields are scarce..

Frigg's Emblem / Skill Path:

Frigg is mostly for use in raid attacks and against titans. Because of that I recommend an attack-defense path on the rogue talent grid, in order to gain the advantage of maximizing the devastation from Frigg's special.

Frigg Grading:

  • Attack: A+
  • Overall Defense: A+
    • Tank: A+
    • Flank: A+
    • Wing: A
  • Titans: A
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: A
    • Buff Booster: B+
    • Bloody Battle: A+
Overall Frigg Rating: A+

As you can see, I have reevaluated Frigg. I like Frigg a lot and despite her special skill being so situational, she has proven to be very good on defense and attack. Initially I downgraded her from A+ to B+ or A, but now am moving her back up to A+. What do you think? Should Frigg be an A hero, or lower?


TLK914 said…
Since shes not out yet, its hard to be certain how it will play out. Ratatouille-skr has never become popular or well used in diamond. In fact Ive sen him twice or 3x since he came out. Its the nature of board dependent skills. Players tend to like things they can absolutely control. This special hits this hard when I decide to fire it. I KNOW how much it will hit for and I will use it on the hero who I know will be killed when it hits.
I think the B level is probably appropriate. The fact that in order to charge requires you usually are depleting a good chunk of the color on the board means you either wait and reload the board (which is entirely unpredictable and can go any way it chooses, but theres an 80% chance per tile it WONT be the needed color). Too many of the recent heroes have dependent damage. Depends on outside factors. Quite a few of the heroes of the past year simply dont hit hard enough. (See Mireweave or Tyr) to become mainstays. At 280 Tyre is BARELY survivable only because he is so hard to kill. I havent been able to use Mireweave successfully in wars or raids on many any tries. This game is about how fast you can kill your enemy. If it takes awhile and you can heal great, if its super fast, great. But heroes who slow you down in achieving that goal just dont get an A grade I think. And In the current Meta, with meat shield minions falling from the air vents, mana slowdowns and a dozen things favoring the defense...we need our offense to be brute force and fast. Frigg simply doesnt seem to be that so far.

ALTHOUGH, to be fair...the week 1 reviews of Telluria were kinda marginal from the peanut gallery. People complaining that she was jack of all master of none, that she didnt hit hard enough, etc etc. 2 months later she was on 8 out of 10 top 100 teams. Same for Vela. She was brutalized in forums early on as too easily killed, too easily avoided...bring a cleanser and you cut off her fangs...But 2 months later when people started pairing her w Telluria...look out...

I hope Frigg can pull that off. But we will have to wait and see
Telly said…
@TLK914 yes, it seems that situationally dependent special skills are the fashion at the moment for new heroes. Frigg is a good example, as you point out. I think she's completely inappropriate for defense because of that and doubt we'll see much of her on defense teams, just as we never see much of Rata...skr. But the Rat is of some use against titans, even without raising him up all the way - where mine is sitting still. Playing around with Frigg, I found her to be very powerful on offense, usually. But a big fail if there were no green shields on the board, or after 2 or 3 turns.
anrui41185 said…
I enjoy your reviews in general but perhaps you were wrong on this one.
Frigg is rapidly becoming a great green option in diamond either on tank or on flank position.
Telly said…
@anrui41185 Yes, indeed, I am reassessing Frigg. In the Beta period, I found Frigg to be rather weak and situational, but did not see Frigg on defenses there. Having played with Frigg in-game, I have seen what you have seen. A strong defensive hero, also serviceable against titans. Stay tuned for the next update of this review ...
Anonymous said…
Overall Defense: A+
Tank: B+
Flank: B+
Wing: B

Does not add up :)

I suppose it is supposed to be A+ at tank/flank?

Not part of the top 10 still? I have just pulled her and I'm really psyched!
Telly said…
Good catch. Updated it. Regarding the Top 10 Heroes, I'll consider Frigg for the list with the next update. But, she has a lot of competition with the new Ninjas and Gefjon. What do you think? For sure she'll get at least an honorable mention.
TLK914 said…
So...any testing with post nerf Frigg or Odin yet? How much does the nerf hurt? Enough to drop her from top 10?

Telluria was nerfed was Vela. 1st Nerf on them did almost NOTHING. Yeah they were weaker than before, but still 8 of 10 top 100s rocked on with em.

2nd nerf finally started to make them less used, and they seem to be close-ish to a happy spot.

So does Frigg do OK with the new Nerf?
Telly said…
@TLK914 I have not found much of a difference. However, it is annoying that they would nerf a difficult to pull hero in the first place. If there really was a big problem, the nerf would/should have been more severe. I'm not arguing for a further nerf as I think nerfing should never happen without an offsetting compensation for the affected players. Since there never has been such compensation, it's just a bad practice in general.
Anonymous said…
Thanks. For you reviews, they are very helpful. I pulled Frigg and am excited to get her at full ascension. Can you explain what you mean by having 8 shields on the board?
Telly said…
Congratulations on pulling Frigg! She's great and will kick up your game. "Shields" is another word for "tiles". Does that answer your question?