Bai Yeong September 2020 HOTM Review - Hero of the Month in Empires and Puzzles

Bai Yeong is the Hero of the Month for September 2020 in Empires and Puzzles, and this is my review and grading.  He is designed as a fast light Holy / Yellow sniper with a little extra, sort of in the tradition of Malosi, another yellow 5* HOTM (from May 2020).  Like Malosi, Bai Yeong is a weak sniper with an extra power.  Unlike Malosi, however, Bai Yeong's extra power is not devastating, so is he a B grade or an A or a C?  What do you think?

Bai Yeong Stats:

  • Mana Speed: Fast
  • Class: Ranger
  • Element: Holy/Yellow
  • Innate Talent: Resist Minion Debuffs – This Hero has an innate resistance against status ailments from Minions.
  • Attack: 749
  • Defense: 735
  • HP: 1314

Bai Yeong Special Skill: Stunning Steel

  • Deals 320% damage to the target.
  • The target gets -75% accuracy for 2 turns. Chance to miss also applies to offensive Special Skills.
  • The target gets -75% decrease for any healing received for 2 turns.
  • Element Link gives all Holy allies +30% defense against Special Skills for 4 turns. This effect cannot be dispelled.

Bai Yeong HOTM Review:

Bai Yeong is the September 2020 Hero of the Month in Empires & Puzzles.  His special power is interesting to use, but situational and board dependent. 
At 320%, Bai Yeong's damage is too small to make a difference early in a raid, but can make a big impact after the target has already taken some damage.  His two big ailments -75% accuracy and -75% healing are also completely situational and short-lived.  To make an impact the target needs to be ready to fire, so its accuracy goes down and may miss.  Likewise, any healers on the opposing team must be about ready to fire.  These situational complications make Bai Yeong mostly unsuitable for defense because the Empires & Puzzles defense engine lacks the artificial intelligence to make good use of such a situational power.  It also is tricky to use on offense, requiring player skill to make a big impact.

At fast mana speed, Bai Yeong could be placed on wing in defense, and used primarily as a weak sniper if better alternatives are not available.   

With titans, Bai Yeong's special can be interesting, in giving a 75% accuracy ailment.  But, it only lasts two turns and is unlikely to make much of a difference because of that.

Bai Yeong's special is reminiscent of the Sand Empire heroes. Like Rana and Yunan, Bai Yeong reduces the target's healing for two turns.  However, Bai Yeong lacks the damage over time that those heroes provide, as well as the splash damage, making Bai Yeong far less effective for raids or challenge tournament teams. 

Best uses for Bai Yeong are:

  • In raids, when the target’s mana is full and about to fire.
  • In raids or titan attacks, where you need to slow down the opponent so your other heroes can fire before them.
  • In raids when the enemy team's healer is about to fire its special. 

Bai Yeong's Emblem / Skill Path:

Bai Yeong is primarily useful for offense, such as in raids or tournaments.  Because of that, the best path on the talent grid would be an attack-defense trail.  

Bai Yeong Grading:

  • Titans: B-
  • Overall Defense: D
    • Tank: D
    • Flank: C
    • Wing: C
  • Attack: B
  • Raid Tournaments:
    • Rush: B+
    • Buff Booster: B
    • Bloody Battle: B
Overall Bai Yeong Rating: B-

NOTE:  I have Bai Yeong rated at a B- due to his very limited and situational value. For players lacking other yellow 5* he could be a good addition since he has a fast mana speed, but other than that, Bai Yeong falls short. I will reconsider this rating after I play in-game with him some more, but for now he's a B-. He could be lower, but his fast speed keeps him in the B range.  What do you think, should I raise his rating?

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Anonymous said…
I appreciate the review. Well thought out and gave me an idea on how I will use him. As I have Viv, Ran, Posiedon, and Li (fully emblemed and costumed) I think he will work nicely for me. Who knows, maybe he'll get a buff because that resistance is ludicrous. Thanks again! See you out there...
Telly said…
Hey thanks. I haven't decided what to do with mine yet either. I could use some more damage power on my yellow mono team. Leaning to Leonidas over Bai Yeong, but will play with him some more at 3/70 first before deciding. I like Leo's passive abilities more - mana cut + heal. But Bai's fast mana is appealing.
Anonymous said…
Hey! Thanks for the review! I have a question which may be silly but I didn’t find the answer anywhere. How does the percentage working? What is is base of ?
What does a 320% damage means ?
Thanks for the answer ! Love your site
Telly said…
It is kind of obscure, and not explained anywhere in the exactly what the percentages mean. However, they give you an idea of the relative strength of the attack. So, a 320% attack is weaker than a 400% attack. You can determine relative strengths of the attack of heroes by multiplying their % damage by their attack stat.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your answer!
I assume that there is a random part in every attack, that is complex to compute because of every parameter (such as those attack and defense percentage, troops, etc.)
But it is clearer for me now thanks again !
Telly said…
Yes, there is a random component of the actual damage inflicted in an attack. Also, I left one thing off my previous explanation. A 100% attack is a "normal" attack. That's what a hero on defense hits you with when it isn't firing its special skill. So, in theory a 320% attack should be 3.2 times the normal attack for the hero. Tthat's a very rough estimate, and not necessarily accurate.