June 2021 Calendar - Empires and Puzzles Events and Quests

June 2021 Calendar - Empires & Puzzles
This is the June 2021 calendar for Empires and Puzzles, listing the major quests and events in the game for this month. As usual, the major quest dates are not fixed and can change, so the dates provided for these quests are estimates. Major quests are the quests that drop unfarmable ascension items on the last two stages, so you don't want to miss them. 

Summon Portal Ratings

I've heard horror stories of people over-spending to chase shiny new heroes. To help people winnow through the rapidly increasing number of new heroes and portals being pushed into the game, we decided to start providing portal grades.

The key thing to remember is: DON'T SPEND on every portal. Pick a few that have heroes you want and focus on those. DON'T chase heroes, and understand for every hero you already pulled from that event, your chances of getting a 5* you don't already have DROPS rapidly!

These portal grades still are in "beta", but the current grading criteria include:
  • Quality of the heroes. 
  • The effective chances of summoning good heroes.
  • How well the heroes offered potentially could advance you in the game.
  • Presence of "overpowered" or "underpowered" heroes in the portal.

Follow these grades and Empires & Puzzles can become more enjoyable and less expensive to play!

June 1  Elradir is introduced as the June 2021 HOTM. He is a green / nature hero. See the full Elradir Review.

June 1-2  Atlantis Rises. Summon Portal Rating: D

June 1 - June 2931  Path of Valor begins (Appx. Date). Valor Pass Rating: B; Enhanced Valor Pass Rating: F. 

June 3-5   Masquerade Costume Event. Generally speaking, this event often is the best for summoning heroes. All the Season 1 heroes in this event come with costumes, so the number of awful feeder heroes in the portal is reduced, compared with other portals. Summon Portal Rating: A.

June 6-8  Valhalla Forever Summons Event with Season 3 Valhalla heroes, many considered the best in game, such as Frigg, Bera and Alfrike. Summon Portal Rating: B

June 8  Major Quest Expected (i.e. Mount Umber, Farholme Pass, Shrikewood, Frostmarch etc. ) (appx. date).

June 11-14  Starfall Circus - New Challenge Event. Interesting heroes but none really worth focusing on. Summon Portal Rating: D.  Prize Value: B

June 15-16  Mythic Titan event. Hades is the titan. ADVICE: this event is fun to play but has awful prizes. Recommendation: have fun, but don't use a lot of expensive battle items and don't buy the event "offer."  Itr does practically nothing to advance in the game. Have fun, but don't push to rank high, especially if your alliance can't make the top 10. Offer Rating: F.  Prize Value: F.

June 17-21  Voyagers of the Underwild event. This will include one new event hero. Summon Portal Rating: C.

June 18  Major Quest Expected (appx. date).

June 24-28  Tavern of Legends (HOTM that are over year old). Summon Portal Rating: F.

June 28  Major Quest Expected (appx. date).

June 28 - July 26 Sand Empire (Summer Event) (appx. dates). 

June 29-30  Second Atlantis Rises of June. Summon Portal Rating: D


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Farholme Pass was last week for a D Blade.