Best Levels to Farm Monsters to Fill Elemental Wanted Mission Chests in Empires and Puzzles

I've done hundreds of the colored elemental wanted mission monster chests in Empires & Puzzles.  And, this is my guide to the best level to farm each color of monsters to fill the chests:
Why care?  The best loot in Empires and Puzzles to level up your 5* heroes is from those elemental wanted chests.

Video: Opening a Purple Chest

Not the greatest, but also not bad. 2 Epic Hero Tokens, and lots of gems, and emblems.

What Are Elemental Wanted Monster Chests?

You know you have an elemental chest mission when one of the wanted mission chests in the upper left of your screen turns a color - Red / Fire Chests, Green / Nature Chests, Blue / Ice Chest, Purple / Dark Chest or Yellow / Holy Chest.  They appear randomly after you complete around 20-40 wanted missions.  These are the best missions in Empires & Puzzles since those are where you can get the coveted unfarmable ascension materials for leveling up heroes, like:

4* Ascension Materials
  • Farsight Telescopes
  • Mysterious Tonics
  • Mystic Rings
  • Royal Tabards
  • Poison Darts
  • Damascus Blades
  • Tome of Tactics
You won't always get a 4* material from the elemental chests, but I've gotten them often, around 50% of the time.

One of my recent elemental chest rewards ... but no 4* unfarmable ascension material!  At least it included and EHT and Orb of Magic.

Purple Elemental Chest Rewards

Trick For Getting Color Monster Chests Faster - Skipping Chest Timers

You may be wondering how to make these elemental mission chests to spawn quicker. After all waiting to complete 20-40 missions can take a long time.  The best way to do it is to complete normal missions quicker. You can do that by using gems to skip the timers and make the mission chests spawn.  It does not take much gems, and even ftp players (free to play) usually will have enough gems to do this hack.  

Usually I do 2 hero chests and 2 monster chests a day.  You can do that easily by using gems to speed up their spawn, whenever you are ready to play.  Typically you can do the gem trick 4 times a day. Using this trick, you can usually cut in half the amount of time between elemental chests. 

The cost to skip a chest timer ranges from 1 gem to 20 gems, depending on the amount of time left on the timer. So, at the start of the chest timer, there is 12 hours remaining and it takes 20 gems to skip the timer. At the halfway point, after 6 hours, it takes 10 gems to skip the timer.  
 Time Remaining on Chest Timer     Cost To Skip (Gems)      
 12 hours  
 9 hours     15
 6 hours  10
 3 hours  5
 1 hour  2

Best Farming Locations to Find The Correct Color of Monsters and Fill Elemental Chests

Each of the color chests requires different color monsters to fill. Here are the best locations to find, farm and kill monsters (not to be confused with heroes) for each of the different types of elements:

Best Levels to Farm Fire Monsters Farming for Filling Red / Fire Chests:

Season 1 Map:
  • 19-4
  • 19-6
  • 20-4- Best in Season 1
  • 20-7
  • 4-1
  • 11-6
  • 2-2
Season 2 Map:
  • 3-4 (normal) - Best
  • 3-8 (normal) - Best
Season 3 Map:
  • 6-2 (normal) - Best for Valhalla Forever
  • 6-6 (normal)
  • 7-3 (normal)

Best Level to Farm Nature Monsters for Filling Nature / Green Chests:

Season 1 Map:
  • 7-5 - Best (if not during Atlantis Rises)
  • 6-6
  • 6-3
Season 2 Map (during Atlantis Rises only):
  • 7-1 (normal) - Best
  • 9-10 (normal)
  • 9-4 (normal)
  • 13-2 (normal)
Season 3 Map:
  • 1-8 (normal) - Best for Valhalla Forever
  • 1-5 (normal) - Best for Valhalla Forever
  • 4-8 (normal)

Best Level to Farm Blue Monsters for Filling Ice / Blue Chests Fast:

Season 1 Map:
  • 8-7 - Best
  • 8-5
  • 8-3
Season 2 Map (during Atlantis Rises only):
  • 8-2 (normal)
  • 8-4 (normal) 
  • 8-10 (normal) - Best
Season 3 Map:
  • 9-4 (normal) - Best for Valhalla Forever
  • 9-2 (normal) - Best for Valhalla Forever
  • 9-8 (normal)

Best Level to Farm Purple Monsters - Filling Purple / Dark Chests Fast:

Season 1 Map:
  • 7-4 - Best
  • 8-4
Season 2 Map:
  • 21-10 (normal)
  • 27-1 (normal)
  • 5-2 (normal)
Season 3 Map:
  • 7-10 (normal)

Yellow / Holy Monster Farming Levels for Filling Yellow  / Holy Chests:

Season 1 Map:
  • 10-6 - Best (if not during Atlantis Rises)
  • 12-9
  • 9-4
  • 9-7
Season 2 Map (during Atlantis Rises only):
  • 13-1 (normal) - Best
  • 11-3
  • 10-5
  • 17-6
Season 3 Map:
  • 8-6 (normal) - Best for Valhalla Forever


Unknown said…
Season 3 13,1 has zero holy monsters.
Telly said…
I have updated this listing to include more Season 3 stages, as more map levels have been unlocked in game (& thanks @Unknown).
Anonymous said…
My question is which time is best to skip the chest's timer?
Unknown said…
Hey Telly, Just wanted to say, I've been using your site for months. I really appreciate all your hard work! I love how complete and updated it is. I always give links to my alliance and spread the word! Thank you & Happy Holidays!
Telly said…
Hey, thanks a lot. I really like hearing that, and appreciate the support!
Tommygun said…
Hey Telly,
Thanks for all the work, I often look up things on your site.
Are you sure that S1:20-4 (avg. 1.8 monsters per energy) is best for farming red monsters? According to Mai's farming, S2:3-8 (avg. 1.8-2.8 monsters per energy)is better, during but also outside of the Atlantis event.
Anonymous said…
Season 2 18-4 gives around 9 monsters for yellow, taking 8 flags.
Telly said…
@TommyGun: Good points. I've updated the list. 3-4 may be slightly better than 3-8 for some people who are trying to get recruits.
Trickstar said…
Best Stage Season 3 for fire is 7-8, i think.
Greetings from Germany
Telly said…
Greetings Trickstar!
coucou said…
Merci pour tout ce travail très utile.
pensez vous avoir le temps prochainement avec les nouvelles maps sortis ?
merci beaucoup
Unknown said…
anyone know about season 4 dark monsters?
St34l3k said…

I see in your guide that the best in season I to fill red chest is 20-4
How did you count that ?

20-4 is 6WE cost, 4-1 is only 3WE cost. In both levels are 4 waves, in 20-4 are always 11 mobs (all red) to kill.
However with the same WE cost you may run 2 times 4-1, where, of course, mobs are not only red but may be purple also, but if in a single wave appears 1 red (in some waves are 5 mobs, so chance to appears for example 2 is quite high) completing this level fill the red chest faster IMHO.
Tommygun said…
@St34l3k October 31, 2021 at 12:03 AM:
I've found that S3:6-2 is most efficient to farm red monsters both during Valhalla and without Valhalla. Only during Atlantis S2:3-4 is more efficient. Source: Mai's farming.

@Unknown September 10, 2021 at 6:45 PM:
There's no good level in Season 4 to farm purple monsters. S1:7-4 is still most efficient.